Publishing company supports ministry work

Chappell Publishing Ministry gives authors or prospective authors the opportunity to have their manuscripts published at an extremely affordable cost.

“We are professional writers, transcriptionists, and designers who have spent a number of years working in the ministry writing books, publishing magazines, and transcribing sermons,” says Norma Chappell president of the company. “We love the ministry and see an opportunity to help others advance their ministry work through our experience.”

Freelance writer Michele Johnson says that the Lord has given individual members of the body of Christ specific gifts for the edifying of the church. “We have the capacity to operate within those specific gifts,” Michele Johnson says. “By assisting those in ministry in spreading the messages God gave them, the whole body benefits.”

Chappell Publishing Ministry has the means to transfer years of cassette tapes to CDs, and if ministers desire to have their preaching and teaching cassettes or CDs transcribed or made into a library for them, Chappell Publishing Ministry has that capability, too. “We have more than 30 years of combined expertise in the publishing business, which includes Christian publishing and writing,” says Johnson.

“From ghostwriting The Mind of a Millionaire, by Dr. Traci Lynn, God’s Goodness Shall be Seen in Your Life, by Pastor Ronald L. Diggs, writing study notes, testimonials, advertisements, catalog inserts, promotional items, and publishing magazines, this team is immersed in spreading the written Word of God.”

Their training also includes media buying, directing and planning; selecting printing companies and doing press walk-throughs; choosing specialty and commercial photographers; writing commercials and hiring models and voice-over; talent, and book distribution.

Saturday, November 10,2012  at Osterhaus Christian Bookstore, 4500 W. Broadway in Robbinsdale, Chappell Publishing Ministry  presented Louder than Thunder, a book by Cheryl K. Hawkins of New Orleans. The book is about her and her father’s frightening and courageous battle for survival during Hurricane Katrina.

When they got news to evacuate the city, Cheryl prepared to leave, but her father, who was in a wheelchair, believed his faith would sustain them. She was disgusted with his decision, but because he was her father, she put her bags down and stayed home with him. They lived in the Ninth Ward. The book sale will be from noon to 3 pm.


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This information was provided by Chappell Publishing Ministry.