Where are all the teachers of color in Mpls and St. Paul schools?

First of a two-part story

By Alleen Brown

Contributing Writer


…In St. Paul 15 percent of teachers are not White, compared to 76 percent of students. In Minneapolis, 17 percent of teachers are not White, compared to 65 percent of students.

Minneapolis and St. Paul district human resources officials say they want more teachers of color, but race doesn’t trump credentials. For now, too few people

Central High teacher Karen Palmen sits
between her heroine and her hero.
Photo courtesy of TC Daily Planet

of color are making it through Minnesota’s education pipeline into the classroom.

The ultimate solution would be nothing short of closing the achievement gap. The problem’s roots are embedded in the same web of economic, historical and cultural issues that cause the gap in standardized test scores and graduation rates between White and non-White Minnesota students.

A few alternative solutions may be too controversial to gain widespread support.


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