Affirmative action for teachers

Too controversial for Minnesota nice?

 Conclusion of a two-part story

By Alleen Brown

Contributing Writer

Humboldt High English teacher Shoua Moua…went to the University of Minnesota-Duluth, where a St. Paul-based mentorship program for future teachers of

Shoua Moua teaches high school English to students at Humboldt High School.
Photo courtesy of TC Daily Planet

color paid for her books and kept her connected to the district where she would eventually return to work…

In St. Paul and Minneapolis, the teaching corps is much Whiter than the student body. Minneapolis and St. Paul district human resources officials say they want more teachers of color, but race doesn’t trump credentials. For now, too few people of color are making it through Minnesota’s education pipeline into the classroom.

With fewer students of color finishing high school than White students, the teacher/student diversity gap is unlikely to close soon on its own. Some say proactive recruitment of non-White professionals is needed to make up the difference, but others hesitate to support strategies that use race as a desired qualification for jobs or college acceptance.

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