Prep Scene— Top hoops performers, second time around


PrepScenesquareMistakes can happen anywhere and anytime. This column is no exception. I overlooked one of the state’s best basketball players last week and then realized the photos submitted last week were inadvertently misidentified.

This week, I took the liberty of resubmitting the pictures, with three from different contests last week. Hope this clears some things up.

DION BRADLEY had 38 points in St. Paul Highland Parks’ 72-70 win over Milwaukee Morse-Marshall Juneau. A week and a half ago, the senior had 52 in an 84-82 victory over Fridley. All were in the flow of the offense. He averages 34 points per game.

SADE CHATMAN scored 21 points in St. Paul Central’s 58-49 victory over Richfield. The senior has led the Minutemen to a quiet 8-0 start.

FELIX TAYLOR JR., the junior who led St. Paul Central to the City Conference football title as a quarterback, is averaging 11 points per game for the basketball team as a point guard.

QUINTON HOOKER, the point guard, who will play next year at North Dakota, is averaging 25 points per game.

REYNARD SUGGS is averaging 22 points per game for Woodbury.

TYRUS JONES is averaging 29 points per game for Apple Valley.


Editor’s note: last week’s photos were misidentified during MSR’s production process and not due to any error by the columnist.

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  1. Hey Mitchell,

    So pleased you took the time to see Dion Bradley play and to mention that he was overlooked last week. It takes a real man to step up like you did. Thanks. In addition, I want to apologize for how I phrased my comment last week. I was clearly out of line and in a very foul mood, for different reasons. Sometimes I have a real hard time containing my emotions and keeping them in check. Anyways, good job here.

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