Letter to the Editor: Honoring our community leaders



Letter to the editorI am honoring the late Evelyn Eubanks as my local hero. For those of you who never had the opportunity to meet this dedicated leader, you missed out on a great thing. Eubankspic

Evelyn was a tireless activist in the education of our children. She was the founder of the Minneapolis Parents’ Union and a former chairperson of the Minneapolis NAACP Education Committee.

For a little woman, Evelyn had a big voice. She was vocal when she believed the Minneapolis Public Schools were lacking in the education of our children of color. When the public school was not teaching her children, Evelyn pulled them out and home schooled all of them. That did not deter her from continuing the fight for better education for all children of color.

Two things make you a true leader in my book: the fight for the education of all children — especially children of color — and being a tireless fighter for the community, with no price tag attached and no need for accolades.

Evelyn was a true leader and my hero.


Lisa Clemons lives in North Minneapolis.