Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks honored with statue at US Capitol


rosa parks pic

Rosa Parks was honored last week by having a statue dedicated in her honor within Statuary Hall inside of the United States Capitol. Following his participation in the ceremony, Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) issued the following statement:

“Rosa Parks was a champion of civil rights, an advocate for peace, and a dear friend,” said Congressman John Conyers.Jr (D.Mich.) “While quiet in demeanor, through her steadfast devotion to universal human rights, Mrs. Parks was a powerful voice for racial equality andsocietal reform through non-violence. She embodied the love of both humanity and freedom, from her decades-long work advancing civil rights, to her time spent in my office serving the Detroit community.We are powerfully reminded that the statue  stands not only for the dedication and life-work of Mrs. Parks. The statue also reminds us of the unfinished work we have in achieving full equality under the law and in guaranteeing the right to vote of every American everywhere within the country.”