Georgia Ellyse Interview: Vivian Green Overcomes Her Emotional Rollercoaster

Georgia Ellyse talks motherhood and healthy relationships with soul-singer Vivian Green



GeorgiaEllyseRadio personality Georgia Ellyse recently had a heart-to-heart conversation with singer/songwriter Vivian Green on KMOJ’s Midday Show about her journey as single mother in the music industry. The “Emotional Rollercoaster” songstress, who just released her fourth studio album, The Green Room, talked about motherhood, change and healthy relationships.

Green opened up to Ellyse about dealing with her son, Jordan’s, battle with an unknown health syndrome that affects his bones and growth and her effort to keep his development at the forefront.

“There is a whole lot of battling that you do as a mother. You just feel like you’re on the frontline battling with doctors. I’m glad that I did, because all the things they told me he would not be able to do if he didn’t get this surgery or that surgery, he can do everything. So, I’m like ‘thank you God’ for allowing me to stay faithful. It’s really a huge blessing.”

Ellyse’s intimate interview often surprised Green. “No one asks these questions. I love it!,” said Green. She was also clear that the interview was about healing – and not hate. “I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing anyone, that’s not my intent all. I love men. I think relationships are great when they are right.”

Ellyse said the conversation reinforced her vision of Green as “strong, beautiful and talented. My respect for [her] just skyrocketed through the roof.”

A sisterhood for mothers
Green was inspired to start a support group with a friend for parents who have special needs children in Philly, with hopes to branch out soon.

“I am so passionate about helping mothers like myself. There’s nothing like that out there now. We’re starting an organization for mothers who often just feel alone, like you don’t have anybody to talk to or nobody understands how you feel or what you’re going through. You really need support. When you find yourself in that situation, you still feel alone. it can really be a lonely place.”

Ending her relationship with her son’s father
“I could not go on my journey being Jordan’s mother and have all this toxicity in my life. I made the choice. This is it. I was young and dumb and this is over. [My son] is my number one priority.”

Change is good
“In a lot of situations where women are being abused, they can’t see that they should be first. We need to know our value and our worth as women. We have to know what we deserve and what we don’t deserve. If that means maybe you’ll be single for a little bit, that’s fine. You’re not going to die. People are really afraid of change, when change could really be the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you.”

Drop the baggage
If you are carrying baggage from a previous relationship, then you should be by yourself. Cleanse yourself of that baggage and then you can be a great candidate to be in a healthy relationship. Establish a foundation for friendship and communication. Those two things are a great recipe for success and love.








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