Georgia Ellyse: Why you need to know about Mike De’cole

GeorgiaEllyseAt a time when R&B has been said to be on the decline or even dying, Mike De’cole surfaces as a pleasant pulse and breath of fresh air. The Chicago native, recently dropped his debut single “Never (Lost Without You)” and has received great reviews from Twin Cities critics. He is constantly doing shows in the metro area and has performed in sets with artists like Ray Covington and Chantel Sings. But what makes him stand out at a time when the music industry is saturated with youtube wannabes and autotune singers? Mike De’cole took a few minutes to chat with Miss Georgia about his inspirations and what sets him apart as an artist. But first, take a listen to his single to hear for yourself his soul, his passion and raw talent.



Who is Mike De’Cole? an Artist a student and lover of great music

What made you pursue a career in the music business? The feeling I got when I stole attention from people who didn’t intend to give me there attention.

Your single has a very old school, doo-wop feel to it… what inspired you to create this record? My inspiration… the song actually started off as a love/forgive me/can we try again letter that I never sent to a woman and instead turned into a song.J100

Did you let her hear the song, did you tell her the song is about her? We haven’t talked in almost 2 years and even though we’re not friends on facebook, I reached out and sent her the song. She finally reached back and said how much she loved it and told me she thinks about us everyday. But, we’ve tried too many times with no success, and I agree. So we decided that although we care, we care enough not to try again.

Who are your musical influences? Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway, Dave Hollister, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra

What impact do you hope to make with your debut album? I just want people to listen and say “he doesn’t sound local”  ”he’s competition for the major players”. I want to be respected for my craft, I want to be known as a good artist that’s striving to be one of the greats.

How do you balance being a father and being an artist? It’s very hard and challenging but I just incorporate my father/son time with my artistry, my son likes going to studio with me and helping me come up with new concepts for music, he’s very talented.

What is the most challenging part of being an artist? That would be…  not being like anyone else and with all the music out there and artists out there, to be original, to not lose who you are.

What has been the most difficult experience in your life this far, why? To pursue a dream that you know is everyone’s dream and know the odds of you being successful is against you. To look on youtube and see great singers and performers that have a lot to offer but you continue to spend your hard earned money on a hope that this one is gonna go platinum and I can provide for my family and do what I’m passionate about.

“Never(Lost Without you)” is available on Amazon and itunes. The music video and follow up singles will be released this summer. Follow Mike De’Cole for more music and upcoming shows on Facebook, or on his website



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