Living the Single Life


Look here every week for MSR’s profiles of local men and women who are, at least for now, unattached and…living the single life.


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This Week’s Single:

Jacqueline (Jackie) Allen

Age:  50

Profession: Business Manager/Baker/ Sales Consultant 

City:  Burnsville

Single life is… new to me, but adventurous. I’m dreaming new dreams and living out the desires of my heart.

Single last thing I splurged on… diamond studs. I bought teeny tiny diamond earrings for myself. That feels like a splurge to me because it wasn’t a need.

Single recent good deed I did was… I recently started a diet with a teenager in the house I live in. I serve as her accountability partner and counselor. Her mom thinks this is a good deed.

Single last reality show I watched…  Cake Boss. I’m doing research because I’m going to be running a bakery in the near future. I don’t normally watch much TV because I don’t sit still.

Single piece of advice my mother gave me was…  to keep my family and friends out of the details of my relationships.


Photo by Steve Floyd






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