Halle, Wesley, and the voice of Elmo: Did you know…. by Mel Reeves





Wesley Snipes is free

The “Bladerunner” couldn’t outrun the feds. TMZ was the first to report that he is out on supervised release after serving two years in a Pennsylvania prison for failing to file tax returns. Snipes reportedly made $37 million between 1999 and 2004. He will serve out the rest of his time — he was sentenced to three years — under house arrest in New York.

One can’t help but think “really” ya”ll had to put Wesley in jail? It seems like they could have left him out and let him work off his fines.

There is something about this government and Black men and jails. Not sure what that’s all about but there is something there.

But who knows, maybe Wesley was paying for some other sins. Gossip had it that he was the beau that dented Halle Berry’s hearing.


220px-Halle_Berry_11_AAHalle Berry is pregnant?

Halle is back in the news again and according to reports she is pregnant. Who knows if it was planned or just carelessness. Maybe she didn’t think she could get pregnant at 46. It seems strange that with her fame and her age she would be having another baby. Maybe she wanted to please her new man.  But hey it’s her body and what a bod.

The online entertainment pundits and trolls have been having a ball with this news. I don’t know if its plain hatin’ or jealousy or what or even inspired by racism. Talk about folks who need a life. I mean I understand it’s Halle but wow —  do we really care?




Performer.kevinclashThe voice of Elmo (Kevin Clash)

Come on man!

When we hear this I can hear a collective groan in the racial body politic. “Come on man, you’re a brother in the spotlight, please don’t make us look bad.” Say it isn’t so!

You know what they say, “if everyone is saying you look like a horse, you should probably get a saddle.” According to news reports at least five young men have said they were in sexual relationship with Clash in their teens and they have all filed lawsuits, incidentally with the same attorney, Jeff Herman out of Florida. Can you say “ambulance chasing.”

Clash’s attorney has been quoted by CNN, saying the suits are “meritless” and that the statute of limitations had run out in the cases. Now there is a promising defense. It’s a sordid mess but we won’t get into all that here. Suffice it to say that it’s going to be hard to look at Elmo in quite the same way again.

Clash was suspended from Sesame Street and eventually resigned after the first allegations surfaced in November of 2012.