Detroit is going under and we need to prepare

spike moss

As we move closer to the warm part of the year, six human beings have died or have been murdered here in the great city of Minneapolis as we are just four months into the year 2013. Once again, we have to plead to our young people to not engage in assault and murder.

That means that it might not be on the preachers’ agenda, but please talk about it on Sundays. It may not be on the social service agenda, but they need to talk about it weekly. Those of you who think you can help out, step up and help out.

The South Side of Minneapolis is already heating up. Those of you that say you love the South Side, organize yourselves and you might be able to save lives as we Minnesotans move between the two seasons of winter and summer. You know, as it gets warmer they get crazier.

All of you responsible parents, please move to get your children into summer programs and summer jobs as an effort to save as many youth as possible form the madness on the streets.

When the migration from Chicago came, we were not prepared for Chicago on our streets, and we are still trying to adjust to them as opposed to them adjusting to us. However, we are about to get hit again as the city of Detroit goes under. Their citizens can’t migrate to the east coast; the east coast is too impoverished. They can’t migrate to Ohio, Indiana or Chicago for the very same reasons — too much poverty and dysfunction.

The two states that could help with food support or monetarily would be Minnesota and Iowa, and if they should choose Minnesota, well, we now have a six-month waiting period for people who are out-of-state residents. You must wait six months for any assistance or they will give you a ticket back home.

This being said, Detroit people will be doing what they did in the streets of Detroit on the streets of Minneapolis for survival. In the same time frame, I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but the city of Compton, California went under, too. We can expect some to travel all the way to our little city for this welfare help they, too, will wait six months to receive.

That doesn’t mean other cities won’t go under, so let me repeat something I’ve been saying often: We need to set the table for how we live in Minneapolis. If we don’t set the table, they will. Look at the people from Chicago — see how long it is taking them to get it. They’ve been here what, 25 years, busy trying to set Minneapolis’ table when it’s already been set.

Ohio people moved here back in the ‘70s — they got it and living. Philly people got it and living, Texans got it and living, Arkansans got it and living. Let me clearly say that we are truly not ready for Detroit, and the things that they do there on the streets is something most of you have never, ever, ever, seen before.

Therefore, you have a short window to pull yourself together before the impact or subjection from the people migrating from a bankrupt city. I know many of you have never wanted to get involved, but if they arrive you’ll be forced to get involved. I would suggest that those North-South-Minneapolis and St. Paul folks begin to dialog together, because you don’t have much time.

So we can’t afford to let Don Samuels and others continue to block resources from our people and allow our community organizations to do the work for the community and help to save our children. Don Samuels and others with their hidden agendas are the reason we didn’t have the help we needed to save our babies in the first place. So we can’t afford it this time around — we must get and receive the help.

We’ll do all we can do as a community. As you know, those we can’t help, the police will. We will be the first call for help, but those many young people that don’t listen and accept our help will end up in jail, in prison or dead. So we need to pray on it and get ourselves ready and pray on it again.

In closing, let me say I love my people. I love my people when we’re up, I love my people when we’re down. I may not love all that we do, but I do love my Black people.

Look forward to me having another real talk with you real soon. Love, peace and power.


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