Abortion a threat to Black women, Black families, Black population



IssuessquareI appreciate responses from Spokesman readers regarding the truths being provided in my column. The documentation is irrefutable. I challenge anyone to disprove the content of my column by focusing on other mentions instead of Ms. Sanger. I ask anyone to disprove other mentions in my column such as that Blacks make up 12 percent of the population but 35 percent of abortions in America.

Disprove my suggestion that Ms. Sanger was friendly with the KKK and other racist groups. Disprove my opinion that without abortions the Black population would now number 41 million, and it is this fact — not Voter I.D. — which is a threat to the Black community.

Prove me wrong that in 1993 a Howard University study showed that African American women over age 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer if they had any abortions compared to women who had not had any abortions. I care about my people, our unborn babies, and the fact that if this evilness continues by 2040, Black America will reach a population number that the KKK would party over.

Here are comments from Rev. Brian Walker, who is program director of Pro-Life Action Ministries and cofounder of Everlasting Light Ministries:


The pot of collards in the room

“After a day at work you’re finally home. Your spouse has a pot of collards cooking. Just the right mix of smoked meat, a little vinegar, and of course that secret ingredient. You’re ready to dig in.

“‘My, those greens smell good. I can’t wait!’

“‘What greens?’

“‘You know, the greens that have been cookin’ for hours!’

“‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t see any, and I don’t smell any!”

“You walk away wondering if your spouse has lost his or her mind or is in deep denial.

“The pot of abortion in our community has been simmering for some time. Its aroma fills our communities and is ignored and denied: For every 100 live births in the MN African American population, 41 were aborted.

“Since 1973 (Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton), 35 percent of the abortions in the United States are performed on African American women, while they represent only 13 percent of the female population of the country. Since 1973, the African American population has been reduced by approximately 14 million.

“Abortion is a public health issue, an economic issue, a cultural issue, and as a pastor I definitely see it as a spiritual issue with dire consequences. Women, men and minor girls are left in its wake to fend for themselves. It’s real and in the room. Brothers and sisters we need to talk.”

Black pastors must address abortion in Black community. Pastors must use their pulpits to address the murder of Black babies and assisting Black women deciding on abortion in the Black community. Pro-life pastors must stand with God and not have fear or feel guilty to take the lead by making a silent issue a loud issue of discourse. We see Black pastors in Ohio and other areas taking on this issue, but like always, Minnesotans are last.

We need to organize a pro-life conference as other Black pastors have done in other areas called “Blacks Against Abortions.” The name “Blacks Against Abortions” is a direct threat to Planned Parenthood. Tell me that murdering our kids at an alarming rate is not at issue for discourse.

Pastors, there must be a judgment before God for this silence. Black pastors must play some role in opening this conversation, because abortion is a direct attack on Black women and the Black family. We can go all over this country such as in Ohio and see 37 percent of the 28,123 abortions performed. Black pastors are still influential in our community, and I am asking you to be heard on this issue within my column if needed, because abortion is a moral issue, not a political issue.

Pastors, the work of the body of Christ is being in the Black family with respect to abortions. We can do more, because while legal, abortions are not lawful in the Spirit of God.


Planned Parenthood  targeting Black women

Fox News reported that Planned Parenthood was involved in raising money targeting abortion of Black babies. Some of the recorded conversation is as follows.

Donor: ”I really face trouble with affirmative action. I don’t want my kids to be disadvantaged…”

Planned Parenthood representative: ”Yeah.”

Donor: ”… against Blacks in college. The less Black kids out there the better.”

Planned Parenthood representative: ”Yeah, yeah, it’s a strange time to be sure.”

Read more at www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,348649,00.html#ixzz2Rte8rqET.

Abortion is a silent killer in the Black community. We have the highest abortion compared to surrounding counties in Minnesota. We have to have ongoing serious discourse on this issue, and I’ll continue to educate readers within my next three columns on this subject. In the interim, to attend our focus groups on this subject, call 651-917-1720.


Lucky Rosenbloom welcomes reader responses to 612-661-0923, or email him at l.rosenbloom@yahoo.com. 


7 Comments on “Abortion a threat to Black women, Black families, Black population”

  1. So you admit that you fabricated quotes and attributed them to Sanger, and now the Spokesman Recorder still publishes your dribble? What a sad thing that the predominant Black Minnesota Newspaper has so little integrity. How far a once respectable newspaper has fallen.

    And incidentally, this is not how “proof” works. You do not prove a negative; you are engaged in a logical fallacy. If you want to make a point, _you_ have to prove your proposition is true, not the other way around. But I guess since you tried to do that with fake quotes and got caught, you have nothing else to fall back on. Here, you can read up on it:

    Can you prove to me that you are not friendly with the Klan?

  2. One should be more meticulous in reading my comments. I did not admit to anything being created regarding Ms. Sanger. However, Black people are far to smart to allow those that support killing Black babies get us caught up on Ms. Sanger. Clearly, this is your objective. The phones calls, emails, and others contacting – responding in support, outweigh a few such as those hiding behind created names (fame name) in support of killing Black babies. Keep reading because it’s people like you that motivate me to do God’s will. Onward!

    1. Black genocide is going on in our midst while feminists turn their heads. This begs the question: is it racism? is the doctor (?) one who will do anything for money?
      How many more will be sacrificed?
      Lucky, keep telling the truth–you are a breath of fresh air.

  3. You are 100% correct. The black and the white people have been led to think abortion is a good thing yet there is more blacks who seem to do it than whites. I’m not sure why except your writings give a good read into it. The govt wants to kill us all off so they can have it all for themselves. The people need to wake up. A baby is alive at conception period. Jeremiah 1:5 says u were with me in heaven before I sent you into the womb. We are all spirits sent from God and we are killing his spirits he sends daily. It shouldn’t be a woman’s choice. It’s Gods choice! Period if you get pregnant and you don’t want the baby there are plenty of women out there who can’t have one so adoption is the answer not abortion which is murder! Thanks LALA

  4. I would rather that all abortions be safe, legal and RARE. My previous comments on this thread are MIA, so I will try again. But seriously Lucky – quoting (a slice of) an inexplicable conversation reported by FOX NEWS does nothing to enhance your credibility; especially when that quote doesn’t even support your position!
    More to the point; life is more than a ‘numbers’ game. Across the globe, black people outnumber whites, but that alone does not translate into power.
    Finally, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there is a divergence with feminists – patriarchy is patriarchy. Forced child-bearing is not to be celebrated, regardless of the origin of the policy. And women know all too well that the same people who insist on restrictive abortion policies are completely absent when we need help raising children…

  5. Lucky, there are a number of African-American leaders who take the same position as you on abortion; I would say that you are in good company. They agree with you that abortion is wrong and that it is greatly affecting the African-American community. All we need to do is look at the statistics and we will see that the African-American community is disproportionally affected by abortion, which naturally leads to the question, why? That said however, no matter what the “whys”, abortion itself is not the cure for other or bigger problems. Keep on telling it like it is to keep the topic front and center; maybe then we will put our focus back where it should be and work on eliminating the “whys”!

  6. Wouldn’t than the best solution to this problem be do look to the party of the black fore fathers. To side with the Republicans again against the left who want abortion. If this was to happen we wouldn’t see such things but many blindly vote for Democrat.

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