Taking care of yourself with some down time












Beach front, salty ocean and exotic beverages with the cute li’l umbrella…all sound really good right now! Vacations are always right on time!

But when was the last time you went on one? Are you constantly putting it off? Do things always “come up” to keep you from getting a li’l R&R?

Nowadays, air travel is more accessible and affordable. With a little disciplined saving and time management, you can get your vacation on!


Tips to travel on a budget!

Depending on the time of year, you might luck up on a value saver with deals of $500 or so for weekend getaways! The best way to save, of course, is by staying with friends and family and avoiding tourist traps.

If you book early enough, you may luck up on a hotel close to the epicenter of activity and save money by not renting a car.

The Root

Eat where the  locals eat

Avoid expensive restaurants and seek out local havens for food and entertainment. In Miami, for instance, the infamous Ocean Drive is notorious for its costly restaurants and nightclub cover fees. Venues off the beaten path offer a more authentic experience at a fraction of the costs!


Hotel transfer fees

These are often an unexpected expense costing up to $75 per trip depending on the city. Look into low-cost shuttles, shared rides or hotel buses as a way to save.


In-state vacay

We often joke about how out-of-towners know other cities better than the locals! Get to know your city or state by taking a mini-vacation at a neighboring city like Stillwater, Red Wing, Duluth or the Boundary Waters area. If a change of scenery is all you need, with much-needed rest, these quaint towns may be small on attractions but big on natural serenity with back-to-basics comfort that’s good for the soul.


Stay home!

There’s no place like home when it comes to rest and relaxation. Sometimes, hibernating in the peace and comfort of your own home is therapeutic enough. With no TV, cell phones, kids or distractions, you can spend quality time catching up on your favorite things to do, like sleep.

Creative or home-improvement projects can be invigorating, depending on how you look at it. Reading a book, catching up on favorite shows, baking, or just “vegging out” are all highly recommended. It’s also a great time to resolve issues, meditate, pray, and reinvent ourselves. There’s no safer space to do that than in the healing comfort of our homes.

Whatever you do, be sure scheduled down-time and vacation are part of your wellness plan this year!


Anika Robbins is a beauty and wellness expert. A cosmetology educator, she is the co-owner of the Robbins Urban Wellness Retreat offering programs on chiropractic, nutrition, massage and beauty. She travels extensively promoting health, beauty and empowerment through her company, ANIKA INTERNATIONAL. She welcomes reader responses to 612-670-6355 or via email: anika@anikainternational.com.