There’s no love in the gang


spike mossSummer’s coming soon — time for any conscious or concerned parents to make a decision. Young boys and girls must make a decision, too. There’s no love in street organization or what people call gangs. It’s time to step away, get out and separate. It’s not illegal to be an organization, but it is illegal to engage in crime through an organization.

If your child is involved in any of this, you need to act now. The following are Twin Cities gangs, cliques and organizations known to be active:


NE Minneapolis 

AB (Aryan Brotherhood); GD’S (African American, White, Mexican, Somali); La Eme’ (Mexican Mafia); Dragons (Hmong)


North Minneapolis

Y.N.T (Young n Thuggin); Double LL’s; ShotGun (Crip); Piru (Blood); Taliban; T-Block; Tre-Tre (Crip); Lowry Boyz; G-Block; The Jake’s; BMG (Black Mask Gang); BD (Black Disciples); Ratchett Gang; TGE (Rappers/Gang); Kut Throat (Mexican); Surrenos; DT’s; SUB; 1-9; Four Corner Hustlers; Skitz Squad; BlackStones; Mickey Corbra’s; GD’S; Purple Gang; Asian Boyz; Baddest; Ladiis; Scareface

South Minneapolis

Native Boyz; Southside Bloods; 10’s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s; Somali Boyz; GD’s; VL’s; CVL’s; Black Stones; Mickey Cobra’s; Latin Kings; Surenos; La Eme’ (Mexican Mafia) Nortenos (14—N represents the 14th letter in the alphabet); BP- Brown Pride; BTG (Crips)


Across the River in St. Paul

ACG- Asian Crip Girls; ABC (Asian Boyz Crips); Surenos’; La Eme’; BP (Brown Pride); GD’s; Crips ; VL’s; BlackStones


Our youth are engaged in this from the ages of 10 to 19 years old and yes, we have plenty of adults still engaged in madness from 20 to 50 years old. The outcome is state or federal prison and injury or murder, of course, for many of them. Once they get a record or felony, some will have a harder time getting employed and finding housing. So they turn to a life of crime and drugs.


Drugs on the streets of 

the Twin Cities

Meth, marijuana, molly (upper/downer mix = speedballing), khat, bath salts, crack, K2-Spice, heroin, Smiles (cactus plant, Latino’s usage, has a natural hallucinogen), X (Ecstasy), Ketamine (PCP/LSD), “K-Hole, K-Land,” ritalin, thebaine (opium), morphine/codine mix; GHB (Goop, Georgia’s Home Boy, a paint stripper), OXY, Vicodin, Percocet, DXM, Cough (PCP/Ketamine = Orange Crush), Triple C’s, Skittles, DEX and Vitamin D, Syrup (Robitussin w/codine mixed with Sprite).

These drugs are used to survive as a source of employment. Many that turn to this lifestyle will become addicted themselves. However, they seem to not acknowledge all the addicted people they make. They have no concern for the children whose parents are addicted.

Addiction will cause you to eventually loose your job, car, home and family. Some will go back and forth to jail and, unfortunately, some will be incarcerated for trying to keep up with their addiction.

This plague in our community will also decrease our property values by them standing in front of our homes selling their dope. Most of us will sit here helpless and count casualties and deaths of young people, and some will visit prisons to see loved ones.

I will admit, some will read newspapers but most wont. It’s the parents’ responsibility to tell other adults to read this article or get this information and pass it on to other parents so they can take a stand with their families and check their children.

I say there’s no love in the gang. The love you believe exists doesn’t. When you need a lawyer, they won’t purchase one for you. They won’t be there to bail you out. You would be very, very, very lucky if the gang put money on your books. You would be very lucky to get a visit from any member of your gang. Most won’t be able to take your collect call. Many won’t write you, because almost all of them will have forgotten about you.

There’s no love in the gang. Be smart, Homie.

In closing, let me say I love my people. I love my people when we’re up, I love my people when we’re down. I may not love all that we do, but I do love my Black people.

Look forward to me having another real talk with you real soon. Love, peace and power.


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  1. You forgot about the Neighborhood Rollin 60s Crips. Not just east of the river any more

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