Critics of Rosenbloom column skirt around statements by Sanger



Letter to the editorColumnist Lucky Rosenbloom’s commentary [column of April 11] on abortion and its devastating effects on Black America is the dirty little secret Black activists, most Black clergy, Black scholars and, of course, the liberal White left are silent about. There’s no virtue in supporting abortions, just what is vile to the human race, regardless of its legal status in America and numerous other progressive nations.

Furthermore, the vast majority of abortions in the U.S. are for “convenience” or a way of contraception. Abortions on Black women per year (about 40 percent of the total abortions) exceed all other Black deaths (murders, AIDS, heart attacks, cancers, strokes and accidents) combined.

I’m amused, if not unimpressed, at Susan A. Cohen’s and Oliver Steinberg’s statements [letters to the editor, MSR, April 25] defending Planned Parenthood and the anti-Black Margaret Sanger of yesteryear. Neither one has the guts to quote her racist statements on sterilization (abortion included) of Blacks even getting Hitler’s ear.

Steinberg states many famous African Americans, i.e. Martin Luther King, Jr., WE.B. DuBois, Mary Church Terrell and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., as if this makes Planned Parenthood legitimate. It’s likely these Black giants didn’t know altogether what went on behind the shadows (or in the agendas)of  Planned Parenthood, the successor to Sanger’s diabolical work to stop the ”weeds” from growing, namely, Blacks from having babies.

Rosenbloom is correct in his inference that the defense of Planned Parenthood as the ”paragon” for women’s health is sophistry. The babies get the worst end of the abortion mills, one must not forget. Rather than sugarcoat the abortion issue in Black America, in particular, let’s call abortion by its real name: reproductive racism.


Howard A. McQuitter lives in Minneapolis


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  1. The most unjust act is to murder a baby before or after he or she can take their first breath. Racism is alive and well. As long as there are people defending Planned Parenthood and their founder Margaret Sanger, the KKK and more Kleagle senators like the late Robert Byrd are not needed at the moment. Here are clinic workers describing what they have seen:

  2. I simply want to point your readers to a 2012 study completed by Arnold Culbreath of Protecting Black Life. The study down,to street level, reveals that 79% of Planned Parenthood surgical facilities are located within a two mile walking radius of black and latino neighborhoods. This is not a coincidence, but a designed strategy to control the birthrate of “those we don’t want too many of” as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said. America has been duped into supporting eugenics and the genocide of what was once her largest minority group. I hope Lucky Rosenblum continues sounding the alarm.

  3. >> Neither one has the guts to quote her racist statements on sterilization (abortion included) of Blacks

    So Howard, how about you quote them? The only quotes that Lucky included were completely fabricated by him or other sources. I am no big fan of abortion, but I have yet to see any proof that Sanger ever said anything racists. People like you and Lucky keep insinuating- how about putting up some actual facts? Sh_t or get off the pot.

  4. Howard (and Lucky),

    First off, I know that your words are not meant to add to anyone’s distress and thank God there are many excellent resources available for those needing and wanting help during pregnancy or with post-abortive care, but someone has to speak up about the issue.

    Whether women get swayed to choose the premium package for abortion offered by an abortion provider that includes a private waiting room and a cup of tea or are pressed to choose a house of horrors like that of the doctor from Philadelphia, abortion still kills babies; it is the inescapable fact! “One dead; One wounded” a sign says, and with the exception of a botched abortion, the baby is always the one “dead”. Thank you for drawing attention to whom it is that really gets the worst end of the abortion!

    The real issue with abortion isn’t about a woman’s right to choose [what to do with her body]; the issue is what she wants to do with the baby’s body! Yes, the mother is providing the environment and the supports needed for growth, but if one can’t refuse housing, food service or medical care to someone because of their “human rights”, where do we come up with neglecting “human in the womb” rights? (Babies at any stage are “human”, right?)

    But maybe a baby in the womb has no human rights because: 1) they are too small, watch out Horton; 2) they need more development, watch out newborns; 3) they occupy space that is not their own, watch out renters; 4) they are dependent on someone else for care, watch out dear grandma in the nursing home or all of you ICU patients! With as much effort as there is in our culture to seek for equity in human rights isn’t it hypocritical to deny rights to the youngest of human life?

    Keep on speaking up brothers!

  5. So, where are these Sanger quotes that show she is racists? Anybody? The only quotes that have been given in this paper are the fake ones in the initial article.

    It appears that there are two distinct levels of jouranlistic integrity in this town: the general/white press, where assertions of fact need to be backed up with citations and proof, and the black press, where random claims, slander and libel can be published with no regard for evidence or citation.

    If this is what passes for rigor and acceptable discussion in your community, is it any wonder that black kids are failing school? Imagine a school paper handed in that made up quotes and refused to provide any citation!

    Please raise yourselves up to the standards of general society.

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