MSR Brief: Closed meeting of Sabathani board gives rise to speculation



Community members are asking what is going on lately at Sabathani Community Center as rumors circulate on the topic of recent meetings closed to the public. “People are asking questions,” admits Art Serotoff, who works inside the longtime community center in South Minneapolis. He acknowledged that he has heard the rumors but refused to speculate.

Informed sources have indicated to the MSR that personnel issues involving the center’s administration are under discussion and are the reason for maintaining confidentiality.

When approached after a July 1 closed meeting, Sabathani board members who were present unanimously declined to comment. Board Chair Cindy Booker did assure the MSR that the board will make a formal announcement if any changes are made.

“We’re wondering, but we are on the outside,” said Serotoff.


Watch for future MSR coverage and follow-up on this subject.