Bronze Golf Tournament has a history beyond compare


All Black clubs urged to put differences aside and support this event


MSR column headBy Eddie Manderville

Contributing Writer


Since 1959, the Bronze Tournament has been taking place in Minneapolis. This tournament was started by Jimmy Simmons (mayor of Brownville) because of racial barriers for African American golfers.

I have been a participant for over 30 years and have had some of the best competition in my golfing career at this tournament. It has a history that is beyond compare for what this tournament represents.

This is my call to all the Black golf clubs to put aside all the attitudes, jealousies and madness and come out and support this tournament. My request goes out to the Twin Cities Golf Club, Travelers, Par 3 Kings, BWOC, Monitors, Renaissance, and Fifty Group golfers — let’s all come together to make this a good, competitive tournament.

Since the beginning, the Bronze continues the tradition of inviting golfers and friends across the country to compete and give back to the community, junior golfers, and the American Diabetes Association. I look forward to seeing all you local golfers on Saturday, July 27, 9 am at Columbia Golf Course, 3300 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis.





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  1. This request is for Mr. E. Mandeville, I would like to find any information available (including news articles, photos etc.) regarding Leroy and Ruth Landry participation in the “Bronze” that you can find.

    My sister Lynnette and I are trying to put together some kind of memorial to them and the “Bronze” was of great importance to our family.

    I thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    Stephen D. Landry

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