Minnesota Lynx: We thank you!



It is quite clear that the most successful and winningest professional sports team in Minnesota history is now the two-time champion and three-time finalist, The Minnesota Lynx. Our profound congratulations and our deepest appreciation for a quality franchise and a quality team with quality players and a quality owner.

Minnesota has long been desperate for a dynasty. The young ladies of the Minnesota Lynx have created that dynasty. Their march through the WNBA playoffs, 7-0, has only been done one other time in the history of the league.

Much appreciation and congratulations must go to team owner Glenn Taylor. A year ago, October 2012, Minnesotans thanked Glenn Taylor for committing his resources, including his money, to put a winner on the court at Target Center. Think of how impressive The Lynx have been: three final appearances, two championships. The Lynx is one of the most dominant teams in the history of Minnesota professional sports. It is a continuous joy to watch the unselfishness, the togetherness, and the commitment to perfection that will forever be the legacy of the Minnesota Lynx.

During the celebration last Monday, October 14, I saw a lot of tears from a lot of young ladies, as well as tears from those of my age group in appreciation of their accomplishment. Minnesotans supported this dynasty by filling the stands in each and every game, a tribute and show of respect for the success the team brought to Minnesota, as well as their appreciation for an owner who did not turn his back on the goal of winning.

We know it can be done here in Minnesota, and over the last 50 years, we have seen different franchises — basketball, football, hockey, baseball — obtain the success of winning. But we have never seen such perfection and dominance as we have when watching these last three seasons of the Minnesota Lynx, and thus we say, thank you Minnesota Lynx for reminding us of the joy of winning a championship, and, most importantly, reminding us that “class” is the order of the day in competition.

The Minnesota Lynx are all class: the players and the organization, with a franchise owner who is among the classiest owners to ever grace the Minnesota sports scene. This is not to take anything away from our other franchises. But it is what it is. We look forward to Minnesota men’s professional teams to take a page out of the success playbook of the Minnesota Lynx and work to set up their own dynasties.

The future of this franchise is solid. Ownership is committed and players have very productive years in front of them. We hope their success is contagious and provides a lot of inspiration to others.

Sadly, it seems to be difficult for the Minnesota Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press to keep from displaying negative bias in their coverage of these young ladies, as they have not only been less than enthusiastic in their coverage of the success of these young women, but they have not given them the same level of coverage as they do to the male professional sports teams, as the latter fall flat on their faces and continue not to excel.

Discrimination knows no gender or racial boundaries. There are still those who find it difficult to except others as successful and as winners. Nonetheless, after three successful championship seasons, be it the league finals or conference finals, we tip our caps to the success of this dynasty and its owner.

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