Obama Care, or Kennedy Care? Our president was used

IssuessquareBecause President Obama is Black does not mean we can’t disagree and challenge poor policies.

Liberal news media report daily that Obama had a bad week. How in the world can the president have a bad week living in the White House, having a private jet, servants, cooks and people that walk his little black doggy?

People attacking his failing Obama Care sign-up-now act, both Republicans and Democrats, including Bill Clinton, indicates he lied to the people, and liberals call that a bad week for Obama. Oh yea, it’s okay for Bill Clinton to break ranks and say Obama needs to keep his promise to the American people. It’s okay for other Democrats to criticize Obama and jump ship with respect to Obama Care. But for me and other Blacks to do so, we are crazy, traitors to the Black race and Uncle Toms.

I’ll be all the above. Obama Care is going to be a catastrophe to Black people, as Blacks struggle to make ends meet being underpaid, meeting various kinds of discrimination in the healthcare field. Just wait until you start paying higher premiums. Just wait until you lose your Black doctor, or your job gives you a blue slip (I made up the color), removing your insurance policy. Worst, wait until Blacks — already in a struggle to pay rent, place food on the table, now waiting to use their tax returns to enjoy life — realize that because of having no insurance they are forced to pay a penalty when filing taxes.

Look, my readers. I am an opinion columnist. I give my opinions based on these kinds of social policies that in the long run are bad for Black America. Both Democrats and Republicans have stated Obama lied to America when he said we would be able to keep our current medical insurance under Obama Care. This was a direct lie to the American people, and his own Democrat party to pass this vile policy.

Former President Bill Clinton stated that President Obama should ”honor the commitment” he made to let Americans keep their health insurance plans if they like it, ”even if it takes a change” to the Affordable Care Act. The Clinton’s are tossing Obama under the bus, and this bus is the first bus of school integration.

No one is calling Clinton Clinton Uncle Tom, but for me or other Blacks to openly challenge, to point out the flaws in Obama polices, we are Uncle Toms. And if White, White Conservative racist.

Wake up Black people. We do not have to agree with Obama on this Obama Care policy (which is really Kennedy Care) because he is the first Black president. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) has put forward the ”Keep Your Health Plan Act,” which would allow — but not require — insurers to sell existing insurance plans next year outside of the new exchange markets, even if they fall short of Obama Care’s more stringent requirements.

You love Obama so much you can’t recognize a Republican trying to clean up a bad section of the policy to help you keep your current policy. Let’s keep an eye on this policy Black America.


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