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Green household cleaning tips that save Benjamins







By Renee Barron

Contributing Writer

We live in an age of chemical use that is affecting our health. Our people are contracting cancers of all kinds — asthma, and so many other illnesses — due to overuse and consumption of chemicals in our food, drinks, and personal-care products.

Many years ago I set out to remove products from my home that contained chemicals as they have a direct link to cancer. The health and wellness of my family depended on removing these carcinogenic elements from our Renee Head Shotdaily use.

The things we rub on (lotions, creams and powders), clean with and spray into the air, all affect our health in ill ways that many of us are unaware of. And the fact that we have no knowledge will not reduce its harmful impact.

There is a dire need for us to return to ways of being that is conducive to supporting our ecosystem, and it’s up to us to make sure we are doing our part to support the circle of life on this planet. Our indigenous ancestors knew more about sustaining life than we now realize.

I am a holistic researcher, student and wellness advocate. I have been studying nutritional healing, herbal remedies, and various other modalities of alternative health medicine. My aim is to bring awareness of how the average person can maintain their health using green self-help methods of healing that were once common cultural practices. I will be providing self-help healing ideas from keeping your homes clean to menu items that support healing of the body nature’s way.

Here are a few recipes for household cleaners that are not only safe, but tried, tested, and work extremely well.


Green all-purpose cleaner

• Save all your citrus peels (from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit), grate them fine and place in a large glass jar.

• Fill the jar with apple cider vinegar.

• Leave the mixture to ferment two weeks, shaking it every day.

• After two weeks, strain the mixture with cheese cloth or a five-gallon paint strainer bag (You can add the pulp to your compost or garden.).

• Pour the strained mixture into spray bottles and use as a multipurpose cleaner. It works great on greasy items and also repels insects.


For more information on the importance of staying chemical free for the health of your family, go to I would love to hear how my green cleaners worked for you. Contact me to let me know.


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