Kente Circle: new location, same quality work

By Brandon Jones

Contributing Writer


There is a new organization on the corner of E. 38th Street and S. 4th Avenue in Minneapolis, although the organization itself has been around for some time now. It’s called Kente Circle, LLC, and on January 15 Kente Circle opened its new doors to the community to come and see their new location and learn more about the organization itself.

Kente Circle is a mental health agency specializing in providing individual, couples, family, and group therapy to clientele living in Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding communities. While the location is new, the organization has been in the neighborhood for several years. In fact, they spent the last seven years located in the Sabathani Community Center.

Kente Circle’s new location is a cozy and modern design that makes both clients and staff feel very welcomed. The therapy offices are sleekly designed and create a relaxing and therapeutic feel for clients to feel at peace. They

Building photo courtesy of Kente Circle
Building photo courtesy of Kente Circle

also have a play therapy room for children, adolescents and families to engage and relax in.

The mission of Kente Circle is “Helping our communities grow through the recognition and affirmation of communal faith, genius and health.” This mission is displayed in the work they produce. Kente Circle’s therapists are known for their work with children experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. Their clientele include individuals, couples and families from various social, economic, ethnic, sexual orientation, religious, and spiritual

Anton Evans (l) and Jessica Shultz, Kente intern therapists
Anton Evans (l) and Jessica Shultz, Kente intern therapists
Photo by Brandon Jones


Kente Circle’s vision is to validate each community member’s genius to assist with transformation by building relationships through therapy, training and community partnerships. This vision was displayed during the open house. Kente Circle had different staff and interns present at the open house to greet and educate guests on their organization.

The staff was very diverse culturally and in experience to create a holistic array of therapeutic services for the community. Kente Circle has a strong connection with the community in South Minneapolis although the program provides services to people all across the metro area.

As we know, mental/emotional health is essential to the condition of our community. If we want to be a healthy community, we must heal individually, in our relationships, and in our families. Kente Circle is a safe place that is here to help heal the community.

Also, Kente Circle needs your help to continue to offer quality services. It is a mutual and beneficial relationship, and overall it benefits the community as a whole. Kente Circle’s staff encourage neighbors and others to stop by and visit the new facility at 345 E. 38th Street in South Minneapolis.


For more information about Kente Circle, call 612-243-1600 or visit their website at

Brandon Jones M.A. is a mental health practitioner and a regular contributor to the MSR He welcomes reader responses to or follow him on twitter @UniversalJones.