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Tips for sustaining a healthy lifestyle  all your life



It seems like whenever I have my hot pink gym bag in hand, an enthusiastic child of mine runs around the corner and insists they need full and complete attention. I begin to feel my grip loosen, the bag hits the floor, and there goes my gym time.

These episodes happened at least once a week until I realized that in order for me to take care of my family, I must take care of me! Here are five steps that will help you exercise without guilt.


 Set your alarm early 

I know what you’re thinking: I can’t possibly get up early to exercise because I’m going to be too tired. Well, turns out that when you actually get up and get to moving, you won’t feel as tired as you thought.

Continue to remind yourself why you are up and trust me, after you hit the gym or workout at home you will feel energized for the day! As soon as I wake up I visualize just how I’ll look and more importantly the sense of achievement I’ll feel when I’ve hit my goal. (Oh and by the way 5 am isn’t too early, it’s just right, no waiting in line for anything!)







Sneak in a lunch-break workout 

Don’t hesitate to use your 60 minutes for lunch by walking or hitting the gym. Exercising during your lunch break has also been proven to increase productivity and your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn more calories throughout the rest of the day.


Take the kids with you 

Most kids want to be included in what their parents are doing. So, take the kids with you to the gym. Most health clubs do provide daycare for children so they can play while you exercise.

When I’m working out at home, my daughter loves to copy what I’m doing. So now it becomes a competition and we’re both sweating and exhausted at the end. By the way, I refuse to let her out-do me.


Make it a date 

Go on a fitness date with your loved one or a friend. My husband and I enjoy working out together so we can keep each other accountable; plus, a little competition never hurt anyone. (That reminds me, he needs to get back on the wagon.) Plan the day and put it on your calendar, no excuses!


Prioritize activities 

Make a list of all the things you must do, for example: work, commute, shop, cook, etc. Make another list of things you do in your free time, such as talk on the phone, surf the web and so on. Replace a few of those activities with exercise. There are plenty of ways to stay active and burn calories at home.


Committing to being a better you comes with consequences, but there’s no need to punish our families to get the feel and look we want. It’s also important not to over extend ourselves; balance is key, because this is a lifestyle, not a hobby, and you must be able to sustain this day by day, month by month, year by year for the rest of your wonderful, healthy life!

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