Somali growth is a Democrat nightmare


I want to take this moment to recognize the Somali brothers and sisters for arriving in Minneapolis, not making excuses, working hard and learning Minneapolis politics. Many of you underestimated the intellect of our Somali brothers and sisters to rise up, including one Rep. Phyllis Kahn.

I have learned that the W3-P6 caucus has rescheduled their caucus after the rising Somali population in that precinct had a powerful influence by the Somali community on their caucus night recently. It appears that Democrat party Chairman Ken Martin is playing his “I am in charge of the Minneapolis Plantation” by flexing his whip by deciding to hold another meeting outside the precinct, thus, avoiding high-Somali turnout to protect Rep. Kahn.

The Democrats are turning back the clock on voting rights, disrespecting the many Blacks that have died for our right to vote by requiring caucus attendees to present a form of Voter ID to prove eligibility participation. Many of you ridiculed this columnist when supporting Voter ID, but are afraid to do the same when your own party now requires Voter ID for the purpose of harassing our Somali brothers and sisters.

Now, this evil hypocrisy shall favor Rep. Khan in the fear of her life running against a highly recognize, honorable, Somali of high intellect for the DFL endorsement. Rep. Kahn, once against Voter ID, now favors it when it comes to her advantage. Not only that, but she is making an attempt to move the meeting outside of the highly populated Somali precinct.

This is evil and another Democrat dirty tactic that many of you are afraid to challenge. Many Black leaders are afraid to challenge this blatant DFL racism against our Somali family. So, I got a comment from Chris Fields, Secretary Republican Party of Minnesota as follows:

“The DFL has demonstrated to minority communities they are not capable of living up to the principals they claim for themselves; instead their actions show they have chosen to hide in the shadows of hypocrisy.

“Just this week, the DFL with the full support of 40-year incumbent Phyllis Kahn decided the best way to ensure an orderly caucus process was to force caucus attendees to bring in a form of Voter ID. In 2012 many Democrats called Voter ID policies racist. DFL’ers like U.S Rep. Keith Ellison, State Rep. Phyllis Kahn and DFL Chairman Ken Martin opposed Voter ID efforts in Minnesota, claiming such policies were an attempt to intimidate and discourage minorities. Today they are adopting the same policy they once called a poll tax in a largely Somali precinct.

“And in a study published this week, the University of Minnesota concluded affluent White voters determined the 2012 Minneapolis elections. Today’s DFL is far more interested in serving rich White liberals than they are in supporting minority communities.”

This columnist would like to offer my appreciation to Mr. Fields for the above-mentioned comments. Let us hope that Black leaders rise up in support of our Somali community because if these were White Republicans acting as such there would not be enough room in this paper, or room in the Urban League, or NAACP for these Uncle Tom Democrats to voice there concerns.

This columnist will attend the next DFL planned meeting in the best interest of fairness towards our Somali family and keep you updated.


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  1. Any philosophy that is characterized by the view that individuals are merely examples of groups is bound to give rise to racism, sexism, elitism, etc. The history of progressivism is replete with bigotry, especially when people do not play the roles assigned to their “groups.”

    (As an aside, an explanation of “DFL” as the “Democrat-Farmer-Labor” Party and the Minnesota affiliate of the Democrat Party would have been helpful, for those of us outside of Minnesota.)

  2. Of course Lucky Rosenbloom, who comes from a Republican family and is himself a prominent part of the local GOP’s efforts to bamboozle people into thinking that the “Republic” party isn’t controlled by the business-bigot alliance that created the Southern Strategy, isn’t going to mention that there is no way Noor or any other Somali would be getting kudos from him if that Somali person were running in a primary or caucus against, say, Kurt Daudt or Tony Cornish.

    As always, Mr. Rosenbloom is a Republican before he is anything else. Note his use of the focus-group-tested locution “Democrat” in sentences where the proper word would be “Democratic”. That’s a sure mark of someone whose allegiance is with Strom Thurmond and Sarah Palin and various other wavers of the Confederate Battle Flag.

  3. For anyone to say that because my family members are Republican they’re racist, or some Uncle Toms for bringing this stereotype of hard working Black Democrats that refused to beg, accept handouts, or internalize Democrat racism and Slavery as a hook to remain inferior and make excuses for one’s own failure. Below is a video of my Dad, the only Black man in his city for have a sign at his store for the election of the first Black Woman (DFL) Mayor of Mpls. Now, focus on the evilness directed at our Somali brothers and sisters and not the hard working Blacks family of the Rondo neighborhood. Remember Tiger jack? Unlike some of you, I was taught to think for myself, not follow a party that has lynched more Black babies (Abortion Policies) KKK killed 3,346 in 86 years, Democrat Abortions same number in 4 days. I stand strong for Black people as did Tiger Jack, who, was no Republican, but a strong hard working, no excuses, no welfare Democrat. Because of those values you postulate he was a Republican Contrarian. In doing so, you lower all such Strong Black Democrats

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