Go to people with solutions for answers

Letter to the editor








Why is it that the news does not try to reach individuals that know how to fight against poverty from a community, state and national level? Why do you always offer so-called experts that only speculate, which turns out a failure?

Recently the news has focused on retirement cost of living as well as other challenges. It has been reported that the population is going to be in a lot of trouble. The solution being suggested states what individuals and families should do, while recognizing it probably won’t be done, as well as stating facts that will prohibit its fruition.

My question to the media is this: Why don’t you, in you investigative capacity, seek out persons that are familiar with this threat, know the problem, have the solution, including getting done that which needs to be done so that retirement will be a wonderful receptive benefit for our aging community?


Eddie Marcus is an advocate for Basic Human Rights for All People in Woodbury, MN.