A letter to Black men in America

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By Willie Johnson

Guest Commentator


There are a set of rules that go with being intelligent. Black men of America, wake up and smell the funk of failures. The bad taste in our minds and mouths is the rot of our thinking and talking points.

Where is the round tree dialogue, so we can have discussions on our family, history and future? We have to recognize and learn to get the poison out of our psyche. A regeneration of our spirit and soul is essential for our survival. In this 21st Century we American Black men must redefine our minds to a new level of intelligence.

American Black men have put in their dues for the American Dream from slavery, war, and poverty for 200 years with little or no recognition for our efforts. We only receive from White and Black people mental peasantry. We live in the times with students of greed, who practice Frankenstein politics. The American capitalist system has become a monster, ruining state capitals, families and neighborhoods.

The American system is crazy and out of control. The quackery of the American system has made hopeless American Black men ambitions and plight. The American system has forced American Black men to be Hercules for everyone except themselves. Their hopes and dreams have been put into a political dungeon. Like beautiful red apples on the ground going to waste, such is the minds of all these Black men in American prisons, jails and workhouses, sitting behind bars on ice. Who knows, one of them could be the next Einstein, the next great innovator.

We need a million talking points across America to resurge a new agenda that will make a difference right now in our lifetime. We live in the present, the future will take care of itself. It is absolutely necessary to have dialogue or conversation with our politicians that will have some solid substance we can believe for our neighborhoods.

We can’t digest the pie in the sky. That’s not going to fill the void in our stomachs to satisfy the growls of hunger. We have a bad case of amnesia, American Black men. We have forgotten the philosophical doctrines, principles and traditions that made us great as Black men. America has benefitted greatly from our knowledge that has made her a great world power.

Where is the burning fire of “show can”? Black men who were proud and magnificent in stature with grace and pride that started and built great civilizations from Africa to the Americas. Now we are here in the year 2014 with our back against the wall in America. Long gone are Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X leadership. Our leaders now days seem to be more concerned with widgets, gadgets and jewelry —  just ask Jesse Jackson, Jr.

They have turned their backs on our ancestors, and our Black neighborhoods. Besides God, who’s for us Black men in America? Where is our champion, who holds the spear of justice and hope?

Even today we are still looking around for some great miracle from White men with God complexes, who don’t even make decent human beings. The promise of hope and foresight came with us through the middle passage from Africa to America. We have to get off the internet and hear our ancestors’ voices that are crying out and telling us just to be family again.


Willie Johnson lives in Minneapolis. 


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