SHAPESHIFT: storytelling that combines hip hop with ballet


Minneapolis-based SHAPESHIFT DANCE performs “11:11” September 12-14, at the Lab Theater. SHAPESHIFT DANCE is a fresh new hip hop dance company (collective of 17 talented dancers) that creatively fuses hip hop styles to create high-quality productions that emphasis storytelling, featuring pirouetting hip hop dancers and ballerinas.

SHAPESHIFT dancers tell stories of love, loss, and human emotion through movement, tackling themes from chemical dependency to discrimination. SHAPESHIFT productions are produced and choreographed by hometown talents, Herb Johnson and Ashley Selmer. Recent collaborations include Prince’s 3rd Eye Girl and America’s Got Talent’s popular crew iLuminate.

Last November SHAPESHIFT debuted its first production at the New Century Theater and their performance was met with laughter, tears and standing ovations in front of sold-out audiences.

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