2014 elections: Black doom, or Black success, a personal decision

IssuessquareThe voters have spoken and Americans placed their trust in Republicans by giving the party control over both the House and Senate in Washington. The 2014 elections appeared to be about trust, integrity, and which party (Democrats, or Republicans) had the best ideas. In Congress, Republicans, as evidenced by the voting population, have won in the categories herein.

Republicans had a repeated theme that most running for offices on both their state and national levels are making your priorities our priorities. So, what are those priorities and will these priorities benefit Black America?

The answer is yes. That is, if the loser Democrats would stop preaching the same old dooms- day message that is spread in our Black Churches. If Blacks stop buying into the message that only the rich White Democrats can save you, we will begin to understand how to augment, not lower our self-expectations and the expectations of our young people when Republicans are in control.

Why is it that Blacks, not as many Asians, Whites, Africans, and no other culture compared to Black Americans, feel doomed when Republicans are in control? Really, why is it that White liberals, White Democrats fail to feel doom, as Blacks do, when Republicans are on control?

I am a conservative. When Democrats are in control, I don’t feel helpless, like doomsday occurs, or like my success depends on Republicans being in control. If you allow this in your life, your children’s lives, we shall be on a rollercoaster of change every four years, or so.

Look people, the Republicans are going to be in control for a long time, picking up seats in local government, including governors and House/Senate seats. Take Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Walker defeated the unions and other big liberal machines by sticking to his agenda. Republican Larry Hogan wins the MD governor’s race in a stunning upset to become the first African American governor of Maryland.

In the most unlikely area, Mississippi, Republican Sen. Thad Cochran defied the polls and increased his turnout in the runoff by bringing Democratic-leaning African Americans to the polls as evidenced by 10 counties where the incumbent senator improved. Most were those where Blacks make up 69 percent or more of the population. Blacks are turning to the independent and kicking the “Only we Democrats can help you with welfare and abortions” polices of dependency into the outhouse of stinky policy.

From the Keystone KL pipeline of lower energy costs and jobs, to the Hire More Heroes Act putting more Blacks to work, to changing Obamacare with regulations that harmsour pay and prevent us from keeping our providers — wonder why only Blacks feel the burden of doom compared to other cultures? A new generation of Blacks no longer has the doomsday conditioning and the Democrats slave master and his House doomsday preachers are running scared.

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