2015: a year of preparation

ThroughMyEyesnewThe word “preparation” is a sophisticated word. It means to prepare, develop, and analyze to get the best change plan to implement.

The year 2015 will be an extremely interesting year as preparations begin for the return of the conservative right to control the White House just as the liberal left works to retain the White House. Which plan will resonate with people to get their vote?

Will Democrats be ready? What will Republicans do? For now, I’m agnostic about which candidates for 2016. I will be for whoever really understands that we need to stand for positive changes in education, jobs and housing, and proposed plans to implement real change, not just slogans and meetings to schedule more meetings to make more empty promises.

My concern is which candidate will do what is necessary to utilize the powerful platforms of America’s democratic institutions, federal, state and local, to foster meeting basic needs of inner city and rural Blacks for real change regarding education, jobs and housing.

The Obama administration needs to prepare for how to work with a Republican Congress to avoid two years of non-functional government on President Obama’s watch. As a Black American, I’m saddened, troubled and fearful if Black leadership doesn’t stop aping White leadership and lean toward what’s best for their organizations but not for our people. What will be the plan to do battle with any right-wing master plans?

President Obama shows no signs of pulling back just because the first six years were tough. Good. He won’t be a lame duck. Let us hope that he will have a strong attorney general his last two years in order to promote providing justice and protection for America’s populations of color.

2015 and 2016 will be interesting because of:

•   A hostile Congress.

•    A hostile Supreme Court.

• A hamstrung executive branch.

•   Hostile state houses.

•  Government at all levels deeply divided on implementing due process for people of color and poor people in general.

Domestic and international agendas will cause extreme burdens for the Obama administration, including deteriorating relations with Russia, continued expansion of ISIS in the Middle East, and continued disruptions in Latin America and Africa.

By mid-2015, liberals will begin to fight over who will be their standard bearer for the 2016 presidential campaign. The 2015 Congress will make sure there are enough problems in the areas of social justice and economic parity to make it difficult for the liberal left to put a plan in place.

Anger on one hand and despair on the other will increase during 2015 (and spill over into 2016), and will be a serious political deterrent in the 2016 presidential campaign, a campaign that began in 2012, within hours of the re-election of President Barack Obama.

The key question remains: Where is the plan? Will it be from the forces of Hilary Clinton or from the forces of Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, or someone else? Who will win claim to “the best one suitable” to take on the right wing juggernaut as it storms towards control of the White House?

An example of the extreme right’s distain for understanding America’s problems is Republicans raising Steve Scalise to the third-highest rank in the U.S. House of Representatives. Scalise addressed an international White supremacist and neo-Nazi group in 2002, in New Orleans, and now claims he had no idea he was talking to and courting followers of Adolph Hitler. He is a lousy liar, woefully incompetent, and an embarrassment who emphasizes White skin color over content of character. What other Republicans do so also?

Stay tuned.

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