From the MSR Legacy Archives: Juvenile Jive Part 1

As part of our celebration over the next several months of our 80 years of continuous publication, the MSR will be republishing notable stories from our extensive archives of more than 4,000 weekly issues of African American news in Minnesota. Many of our readers will be sure to recognize friends, family and neighbors from the distant and not-so-distant past — such as in the gossipy “Juvenile Jive” columns of young Mpls hipster Don Gates, who reminds his readers, “I’m a hep cat, follow these rules and you will be, too,” in the Minneapolis Spokesman editions of April 13 and June 22, 1945.


local_juvenilejiveCreep, leap, holler and wail, cause I am about to begin my tale: There was a jump at Banham’s on Friday night and I mean cats were really jumping…well, all night. Some of the fine feminine were Jean Cannon, Sally Williams, Jane House, and many more fine chicks. Also saw Virginia Beasly, who was looking mighty fine — Jack.

Some of the twosome gruesome were Billy Grimes, Benny Carruthers, Eddie Lacy, Jimmy Miller, Melvin Beasly and Leon James, alias “Wave.” The party was really a killer diller and a real fine thriller, the boys were all sharp and the chicks were a killer. There were refreshments in the basement and they were really neat… No, we didn’t have steak, cause you can’t get meat… “You can’t get that no mo!”

After long and hard calculations, I find that the best dressers are Nathan Bonner, Willis Reed and Nelson McCoy, they are top notch so far; for the best jivers, I have found that little Chuck McCoy is coming on pretty strong. Eddie Milton seems to have a few St. Paul and Southside chicks crazy about him and Billy McCoy, who is in the army now, is, so far, at the top of the swooners list. The best looking is still undecided, but here is Richard Parker, Daniel Allen, and the third is still unknown.

Well, how did all the fathers make out Sunday? I hope you didn’t take my hint on Rum and Coke a cola, because if you did I know the ice companies made money. Tell me some one, is that well known mix-up between a north side boy and south side girl definitely off, or am I wrong?  And will you tell me who this chick is that is so worried about Nate Bonner? Could it be G.R.?

This weather we’re having is really beat and to see the sun is really a treat, but when do we see it, ‘bout once every week and just long enough to give us a peek — yes of sunshine.  We don’t get our quota, but what can you expect in Minnesota?

A surprise party was given for Cora Mae Ritchey, who went away Wednesday of this week and it was really on the ball. There was dancing upstairs, downstairs and in the hall. Some of the chicks who were looking quite fine that day were Pat Cartwright, Janet Armstrong and Pauline Ray. Oh, yes, there were many more chicks. I saw Jane House, Doris Escue and Francis Logan… When I finished jamming, I was really a wreck.

Caught sight of that fine chick named Jewel Beck…there were many cats there jumping with joy. Some of them were Glen Pullens, Phillip True and Norland McCoy. Some more boys looking sharp in their regular way were Jack Jackman, Ronald Brown and ole Paul Ray.

Jean Brown is wondering why when a dance starts all the boys sit on one side and the girls on the other, and she wants me to lorate all you guys on that deal, but I would have to say the same about the girls…so when they start playing hard, give both groups time to come down to earth.

Well, I shall say cats for my closing slogan, good bye Cora Mae, hello Mrs. Logan. Dig you later all you hepsters reet. All you chicks stay fine and you cats stay neat.