Albert Lea and Duluth, MN: deserted islands unto themselves

NAACP organizations refuse assistance or corrective action

Duluth and Alert Lea, MN have had African Americans since the 19th century. Today,ThroughMyEyesnew both communities are under siege by the police and by the NAACP (local, state, and national). Since December 24, 2014, the Albert Lea police has been out of control against young Albert Lea African Americans.

When the Rochester NAACP branch was asked for help for a 19-year-old African American beaten up by police, they refused. The young man’s grandmother is a past president of the Minneapolis NAACP; his mother, a professional business woman in Albert Lea.

Albert Lea city police and county sheriffs are hostile to the growing Black youth population in Albert Lea. The NAACP: no response. The NAACP will protest police actions in Ferguson and New York City, but not Albert Lea. Why?

Sad, tragic fact: the so-called leadership of the NAACP of Minnesota, the Council on Black Minnesotans, and the Minnesota Human Rights Department have shown no interest in conducting examinations or investigations of police misconduct and brutality against African Americans.

In Duluth, there was another repeat performance by all three NAACP organizational levels — local, state, and national. They joined to steal and condone the election from a 22-year-old African American activist and leader, Classie Dudley, who won election in November of last year, unseating a 20-year incumbent president of the Duluth NAACP branch, Claudie Washington who supports democratic voting only if he wins. Washington then called for “unity,” an old trick used to justify such actions.

Serious questions were raised regarding voter fraud when Washington won the second election. The board then voted 18-1 for Washington to resign. He refused. Instead, Ms. Dudley was asked to step down immediately. This is not how to raise up the next generation of leaders.

The major White Duluth newspaper (Duluth News Tribune), to its credit, is writing about the election theft by the NAACP unholy three: local Duluth branch, Minnesota State Conference, national office in Baltimore, Md. The 22-year-old young woman who won the first election is a very popular college student who has rallied the collegiate community in Duluth and in Superior, Wisconsin in her quest for justice.

At a time when the NAACP is in need of new blood, the NAACP denies a young person the opportunity to lead and to provide fresh vision to the NAACP dream of progress. The Duluth NAACP wants no change except what maintains their status quo. The issue is fairness and justice, not age. The mayor of Duluth was elected at age 33. In 1979, the mayor elected was 29.

In Duluth, the old guard NAACP took over when they were young and are now essentially, like elders worldwide, against their own once great, activist young selves. In denying Albert Lea, the powerful old guard NAACP in Rochester holds onto power at the expense of the future of young people.

They refused to provide requested support of any kind to the Albert Lea African American community. They refuse to investigate the police who beat up the 19-year-old. They refuse to support justice.

In the last three weeks, so-called NAACP leadership, northern and southern Minnesota, refuse to take action and have gone to great lengths to silence any dissident voices. They are committed only to themselves, not to their communities.

These NAACP organizations are looking forward through rear view mirrors. It is no wonder NAACP organizations at all levels, countrywide, are dying slow deaths of irrelevancy. The cries for help from the young people of both communities explain how the NAACP tombstone was put in place by the old leaders themselves.

Stay tuned.

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