Sister Spokesman: “Networking with Purpose” — meet the panelists

Networkingcollage.jpgSister Spokesman plans to bring three fantastic panelists to the “Networking with Purpose” event held at Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis, March 7. Each panelist will offer her own perspective about the power of networking. This month we have LaJuana Whitmore, Bianca “Cali” Lewis and Angela Harmon.

LaJuana Whitmore is a multifaceted business owner. She is an accredited small business consultant, an experienced public speaker and panelist, and certified racial justice conversation facilitator. She hopes to bring to the panelist table the importance of networking online, how to create an online presence, and ways both can help small business owners. Whitmore would like to leave attendees with a few ideas on how to increase their business footprint online.

Bianca “Cali” Lewis, a “Minnesota transplant,” as she likes to call herself, is co-owner of Thee Urbane Life, and gets her networking skills from her corporate background. Lewis has brought many talented local and national artists to venues in both the Twin Cities and St. Louis. Lewis plans to talk to Sister Spokesman attendees about the importance of branding and the ways in which social media content can impact your brand. Lewis also plans to share ways in which “shy” people can improve their marketing strategies.

Rounding out the panel is Angela Harmon, who assists small businesses with online technology to enhance their internet portfolios, email marketing, campaign development and social media engagement. Harmon builds mobile responsive websites, Android and Apple Apps, and develops mobile marketing strategies and internet marketing plans for her clients.

Because Harmon’s business is home-based, much of her work is done remotely. As a small business owner, with a limited marketing budget, she relies solely on networking and social media to find prospects for new clients. Harmon is a strong advocate of social media and strongly encourages the use of technology to streamline her efforts. At the upcoming Sister Spokesman, Harmon plans to detail a few strategic points to cultivate new leads through networking.

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  1. Although I am not a business owner, this was a very good article. There appears to be a wealth of information available through these young women. It’s great to see they are willing g to share there expertise with others. Thanks ladies and great article B.

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