J. MOST & the Command Steppers present 3 days of honor, competitive fun

The Midwest Steppers of OmahaOn March 12, 13 and 14, the Mall of America (MOA) will host the 6th Annual Minnesota Steppers All Star Bash. The event features J. MOST, a local R&B recording artist, entertainer, producer and dance teacher. MOST is currently the instructor for The Command Steppers, which has 90 members, the largest step team in the Twin Cities.

The fun begins on Thursday, March 12, starting with a winner-takes-all line dance competition. “This whole event is just so beautiful because we get to observe and participate in a national Steppers event from the big stage,” said MOST. “It is called ‘Ya’ll Can’t Beat Us’…we will be welcoming Steppers from around the country: Chicago, Las Vegas, Detroit, Omaha, Iowa, Orlando, Kansas City and many other locations.

“The finals competition,” he continued, “will consist of 10 couples — five from Minnesota, and five from out of state — who will perform one at a time to gain points. The highest point totals from each category will be in the final Step Off.”

On Friday, March 13, will be the “Welcome to Minnesota Set,” that will feature Phyllis ‘Showtime’ Braxton, performing her hit, “Showtime Slide.” This will also be Radio Ladies Night with WZON.com, though guest DJs will be featured at this event each night, also coming from various parts of the country. “I really love doing things for the community, and I am very excited for all the DJs participating, especially our own DJ Malcom,” said MOST proudly.

On Saturday, March 14, The Seventh Annual Women’s Appreciation Banquet, “Women Unite to Win,” will also be taking place at The Radisson Blu Hotel. This event, in collaboration with the National Empowerment Group Inc., aims to raise HIV/Aids awareness in many communities. Seven female vocalist/musicians will be honored: Barbara LeShoure, Debbie Duncan, Ginger Commodore, Patty Peterson, Mary Jane Alm, and Gwen Mathews and Cynthia Johnson.

MOST will be performing on this night, doing hits from his recently released CD, BIG Boyy, currently available in local record stores. MOST concluded, “A line dance competition has also been added this year for the Women’s Appreciation Banquet, and we need all, male and female, to show up in support of this ongoing affair.”

Visit www.commandsteppersmpls.com or call 612-237-5118 for more information. Raymond Jackson welcomes reader comments to rayjacksom49@yahoo.com.