Ashley DuBose just keeps on rising

Ashley DuBose show at her release party for the CD Be You showed great strides in her skills as a female vocalist and as an overall entertainer.

Ashley DuBose
Ashley DuBose

Her her sell-out CD release show at Bedlam Lowertown in St. Paul, clearly indicated this. She wowed the audience, which greatly displayed her rising appeal while maintaining her girl next door character. Her CD sold well, as she greeted and signed for all requesting, till about 2:30 am, on this occasion.

Coming on after three opening acts, she and her live band took the stage with a roar. She dazzled the audience with “Be You,” the title track from her new CD, Be You. She also sang the disc’s acoustic favorite, “Rolling Stone” and the  hit, “Life Goes On,” from her debut CD, Somethin More.

While she sang many other tunes, the crowd roared as she showed off her vocal range with angelic highs and soulful lower register.  If there were any complaints, they were that the venue was not large enough to totally encompass her realm. She not only sang but also danced and interacted superbly with the audience. Despite all of the MSR, managed to get to DuBose for some words and feedback.

Photo by Raymond Jackson
Photo by Raymond Jackson

“I am very enthused and feeling very satisfied with the outcome of this performance,” she stated. “And going back to my experience, being a contestant on the NBC series, The Voice; I will never forget what my coach Adam Levine from Maroon 5 told me about being nervous before performances. He said the nerves can be lessened, and even eliminated, with preparation. Having rehearsals down to a T, will let us know how well the show is going to be.”

DuBose continued, “I am a mother, and I currently work a part time job; I go on auditions for opportunities to expand, all the while being socially active, which also includes rehearsal time, so I am a very busy young lady.

“I really need to spend more time preparing my visual show. However, I am my best and my worst critic, so it will only get better and better!”

We asked to expound on her Be You CD, and Dubose said, “The title track ‘Be You’ is about being yourself and being comfortable in knowing that you are who you are for a reason — of course hopefully good reason — you were meant to be the way you are. Don’t try to just change everything about who you are, be the way you feel comfortable being and realize you are cool.

“We spend so much time and energy trying to be what someone else has determined as cool. We already have enough to worry about in life” she concluded.

Be You, is an excellent 13 track CD that shows powerful growth on not only the part of Dubose, but also her Producer J. T. Evans. The CD is available at Electric Fetus in Minneapolis and Urban Lights in St. Paul. For more information, call R. J. at 612-871-6884.