UPDATE: North/Summatech partnership

The MSR recently published “Northside schools create partnership for student success: Principals envision a grades 6-12 educational continuum,” announcing the opening of North/Summatech in 2015. Since that time we’ve received the following update from Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS):

“MPS Chief of Schools Michael Thomas, in consultation with community partners and school leadership, has decided to delay the program’s launch until fall of the 2016-17 school year. North’s principal Shawn Harris-Berry supports the decision to move the Summatech launch to fall 2016, and North’s site council approved this decision through a vote.

Franklin Middle School remains on track to begin classes at the start of the 2015-16 school year and will send its first group of students to North/Summatech in 2016 as planned. Because the STEM academic programs at Franklin and North need to work together, taking the time to start Summatech in 2016 will provide students with a smooth transition between schools.

North will also use this time to identify external partners in both the private sector and educational fields to provide resources, services, internships and college and career support to round out the Summatech academic experience. This one-year pause gives all parties involved (Franklin, North and MPS) time to ensure that Summatech’s foundation is solid and the academic program is fully developed.”