Black crime victims’ lives don’t matter

IssuessquareI don’t care if you are a member of the any police department, criminal justice system, or the media, you all play a part in Black victims of crime treated with disrespect, being denied rights as crime victims, and treated harsher compared to White victims of crime, especially if the White crime victim suffered at the hands of a Black perpetrator.

I remember, and witnessed, or have been told of incidents of Blacks calling the police for assistance after being victimized by crime, and when the police arrive, the Black victim, already hurt and afraid, was treated with disrespect, like their life or property was irrelevant, at times in front of other family members that have been victimized, also.

Not only that, but once in court, Black victims are made to feel less than human and/or are denied, or not told about their rights, including monetary payback they may be entitled to as victim of crimes. This can include murder, serious assaults, domestic assaults and other felonies committed on Black victims. All of this, and yet the police, the media and others wonder why Blacks are hesitant to report crime.

The truth is, Black crime victims (I am not talking about criminals) are treated far worse compared to White crime victims, more so, if those victims live in urban cities such as North Minneapolis and other locations throughout the Twin Cities.

We have to ask a real question: How is this difference sustained? In my opinion it starts before a Black crime victim has contact with police and/or the court system and the people that are employed therein.

The liberal media plays a big role. Black youth are portrayed negatively in the media. The treatment of Black crime victims is scathing compared to crime victims that are White. Yes, as I have said, White criminals in the liberal media are made to look like misguided choir boys, while Black criminals are made to look like they are employed by the Devil.

For you fact-needing people that believe Black and White crime victims are treated fairly, let me give you some irrefutable facts with respect to what sustains this difference in treatment as it first relates to White and Black criminals: White suspects and criminals are depicted in the media as very intelligent. It’s obvious in how the liberal media describes a White murder suspect, after killing his work colleagues.

You would be lying to yourself to say you have not heard a Black homicide victim, read again, victim described as having a history of narcotics and run-ins with the law. Remember, Eric Bellucci, a mentally ill White man that killed his parents being described as brilliant and athletic. With Trayvon Martin, a crime victim, we were reminded of his being suspended three times from school over and over by the liberal NBC news.

The Oregon school shooting suspect was described as being fascinated with guns, but a devoted Mormon. A slain Lakeland teen, Black, was reported as having been shot before; his death was reported as possibly drug related.

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