From the MSR Legacy Archives

As part of our celebration over the next several months of 80 years of continuous publication, the MSR will be republishing notable stories from our extensive archives of more than 4,000 weekly issues of African American news in Minnesota. Many of our readers will surely recognize friends, family and neighbors from the distant and not-so-distant past — such as the G.I.s below featured in the December 15, 1944 issue of the Minneapolis Spokesman:


 I.’s Keeping Supplies Moving

The above photo…shows seven St. Paul men who have been stationed in the New Hebrides. One of the men shown, Harold Howland, has returned to this country. Shown in the photo, left to right, are Otis Carson, Clarence Patrick, Howland, Leonard Broden, John Watts, Dewey Hill and Sergeant Chester Oden. The soldiers are members of a quartermaster company. They are shown unloading supplies.