Police will go head-up against Black gangs


Are they afraid of White bikers?

IssuessquareMost of you have read or heard on the news about the bikers’ shootout in Waco, Texas. More than 170 bikers have been charged over a deadly Texas brawl that left nine dead and several injured. The incident started because biker John Wayne ran over biker Billy the Kid.

It started at a restaurant where fighting and then shooting began. Police recovered more than 100 weapons such as knives and guns. Police said that the nine dead were Bandidos and Cossacks members ranging in age from 27 to 65. Reports showed that all nine were killed by gunshot. Police are said to have accepted the fact that they did fire on armed bikers, but it is unclear how many of the dead were shot by police.

The officers could be seen in photos during the aftermath of the shootings socializing with bikers at the crime scene. Photos appear to show police standing around with their weapons drawn, protecting rather than holding potential bikers in custody, despite police being involved in the shooting at armed bikers.

Let’s compare the images in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, during the riots over the killings of Black men. Police in riot gear handcuffed protesters using tear gas. There was a strong military and sniper presence. Compare these locations to the fatal gun battle between armed bikers and police in Waco, Texas and we will notice police fear of White biker gang members.

Because of the police shooting of bikers, according to CNN and a former undercover agent, members in the military are supplying the gang members explosives, and the gang is planning to detonate bombs. According to police, they are taking it as a serious threat made by bikers to shoot anything in uniform. These attacks would be in retaliation against police for shooting their criminal biker members in the Waco shootout.

Police and media have reported that White biker gang members have ordered a hit against Texas troopers and other officers with specifics, such as running over officers at traffic stops and the use of grenades and Molotov cocktails and firearms. According to the FBI and news reports, locations for the hits have been listed include: the McLennan County Jail as well as sites in Austin, El Paso, Dallas, Corpus Christi and Houston.

During the Ferguson riots, President Obama called the rioting Black people thugs. I have not heard Obama say anything similar about these bikers. In Ferguson and other areas, Black leaders always are blamed for such violence.

However, in this instance no White leader, no White family or White community is being blamed. You let a Black gang be involved in such a shootout at MOA with 19 dead, would the police be chatting and friendly with people in gang attire in the area in the aftermath?

I am telling you what most are afraid to. If Blacks made the kind of threats against police, SWAT teams, the FBI, or ATF as the bikers have, marshals would cut off access to the Black community and raid every home of the gang members making such a threat. But no, police response to these biker threats has only been an attempt to calm, rather than do anything to augment the bikers making good on their threats.

So, I ask, do White bikers scare police?


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