From the MSR Legacy Archives

As part of our celebration over the next several months of 80 years of continuous publication, the MSR will be republishing notable stories from our extensive archives of more than 4,000 weekly issues of African American news in Minnesota. Many of our readers will surely recognize friends, family and neighbors from the distant and not-so-distant past — such as among the partiers below featured in the July 20, 1951 issue of the Minneapolis Spokesman.


Veeda Wiley Has Party on Third Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Rowan Wiley, 845 Carroll Ave., St. Paul, parents of Veeda Wiley, fifth from left in the above photo, gave a birthday party for Veeda July 14 to properly observe her third birthday. Reading left to right in the Buzz Brown photo is Neil Cotton, Carolyn Hughes, Henry Davis Jr., Kathleen Hughes, Veeda, Charlene Banks, Clifford Banks and Katherine Clemmons. You can bet they all had an enjoyable time.