In response to article about Mildred Brunson

Letter to the editor

The comment below was sent to writer Brandi Phillips in response to her recent article about Mildred Brunson: Heart and soul of Hallie Q. Brown Center retires after 39 years.


I recently read an article about Mildred Brunson retiring. I am a 50 year old woman who had the opportunity to spend time with Mildred at the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center. As a child, I think I was a tween or slightly younger, I spent time at the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center with other friends in the neighborhood. When I reflect on people, particularly, black woman who directly influenced my life in a positive way, Mildred is one of the few who come to mind. I have a great appreciation for Mildred and the time that she took to invest in me and others. Mildred Brunson is a living legend.


Charissa Jones