The outdoor exercise season is now at its peak


Who'sgotyourbackWe’re at the peak of a very beautiful summer, so if you’re a Minnesotan and haven’t been spending regular exercise time outdoors yet, now is the time to start!



(Photo by Keoni Cabral/C.C. 2.0 License)
(Photo by Keoni Cabral/C.C. 2.0 License)

Everyone can walk 30 minutes after dinner in the evening to get fresh air and to balance out a sedentary lifestyle. Walking just three times a week on a regular schedule can make a significant difference in weight management, stress reduction and mood control. When the temperature is 30 degrees again in just a matter of months, you’ll appreciate having made the most of this temperate summer season.

If you’re inspired to go for a morning jog or have friends who like to run outside, follow these preparatory tips and techniques to ensure that you avoid a sore back.

  • Do a thorough warm-up prior to setting out on a run.
  • Stretch your hamstrings twice daily to minimize stress across the low back.
  • Strength training and muscle toning are helpful adjuncts to running, especially for core back muscles.
  • Cross training is useful to prevent overuse syndrome.
  • Run on a natural surface like dirt or grass; avoid running on cement if possible, since it can significantly increase stress on the joints.

Of course, also wear comfortable, supportive shoes that fit well and are not stretched out or lacking in cushioning. When starting out on a new health regimen or engaging in any type of summer sport, don’t forget the importance of getting a chiropractic exam to encourage better performance and reduce the risk of injury. With chiropractic, you will literally get off on the right foot to better health. Enjoy!

Known as “The Gentle Chiropractor,” Dr. Una Forde is owner of Golden Sun Chiropractic Wellness Center in St Louis Park. Services include chiropractic, acupuncture, health kinesiology, brain gym and detox programs such as ionic cleansing. She welcomes reader responses to