Needed: adult volunteers for inner-city youth

Improving ethics through wildlife habitat building

Metro QF Chapter will have a meeting on Tuesday, August 25, at 7 pm at Northeast Bank, 77 Broadway St. NE, Minneapolis (side entrance on Marshall, lower level) Walter Rasmussen Room. Parking is available in the back parking lot and on the street. Refreshments will be served.

The Metro Quail Forever Chapter is embarking on a new approach called, “Building Something Special” to reach metro/inner-city youth for their help in our efforts to help bring back the bobwhite quail. At the same time, the project aims to help build more ethical character in youth that are involved in this project.  First, they will be involved in wildlife habitat projects in the Twin Cities. Next, a selected group of metro youth will do some limited quail habitat building in Houston County.

Adult volunteers are needed to help with these four goals:

  1. Build wildlife habitat
  2. Build ethical character in youth
  3. Set up a scholarship program for metro-area youth
  4. Help to bring back the bobwhite quail

These four needs can be reached with volunteers here in the Twin Cities. Volunteers would be asked to assist youth on habitat projects and help to make the Metro QF Chapter a leader in getting metro-area youth connected to the outdoors. Volunteers would also be asked to help with the annual banquet, which generates funds to build wildlife habitat and provide local scholarships for youth.


This information was provided by The Metro Quail Forever Chapter. For more information, contact Thurman Tucker at 612-588-2007 or go to