North’s Polars dominate

Prep sceneJamire Jackson was everywhere.

The defensive tackle totally dominated, leading Minneapolis North to a 42-8 Twin City District football victory over Minneapolis Washburn last Saturday afternoon before a near-capacity crowd (on both sides).

Jackson’s seven solo tackles led a Polar defensive unit that also included Isaiah Ballard, Isaac Johnson, Ahzerik Rodgers, Kevon Mathias, Tyler Johnson, Quientin Jamison-Travis, LaQuient Travis, Antwan Cobble, Dallas Griffin, Isaiah Matthews, Nate Wheeler, Davonte Haynes and Dakota Jewell. They didn’t allow Washburn to score until the third quarter (thanks to running back Savion Johnson’s five-yard score and quarterback Rory Purnell’s two-point conversion).
Defensive backs Tyler Johnson and Rodgers each had an interception in the process.

The defensive unit’s dominating performance enabled the offense to shine. And shine it did as the Polars’ offense was hitting on all cylinders from start to finish.

With protection provided by offensive lineman DaVonte Haynes, Odell Wilson, Isaiah Matthews and Jackson, quarterback Tyler Johnson, one of the state’s top prospects in football and basketball, completed 16 of 27 passes for 210 yards and three touchdowns for North, who jumped out to a 24-0 first-quarter lead.

Two of Tyler Johnson’s touchdown passes (Rodgers caught the other one) during that period were courtesy of receiver Issac Johnson, who scored on receptions of seven and 25 yards, and added a two-point conversion catch as well.

The host Polars never looked back.

Senior running back Dallas Griffin led North, who made it to the state playoffs last year after a five-year absence, with 97 yards rushing and a touchdown. Fullback Kori Randle added a couple of two-point conversions.

But this day also belonged to the defense, who might not always get the same props as the offense as far as the media is concerned.

North Coach Charles Adams set the tone early by delivering a simple message as the defensive unit trotted on to the field for the first play from scrimmage.

“Tighten up, ‘D’,” the coach yelled. “Tighten up.”

The Polars did just that and then some.


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