Democratic candidates make their case in Minneapolis

Four presidential candidates came to Minneapolis on Friday, August 28 to drum up support for their campaigns. They addressed members of the Democratic National Committee during a three-day convention. Of the five Democratic presidential candidates, four spoke.

Lincoln Chafee was the first to speak, and he pointed out that he did not have any major scandals in his career. Hilary Clinton spoke second as the Party’s frontrunner. Clinton broke the DNC 15-minute speaking rule talking about how she wants to rebuild the Democratic Party.

Martin O’Malley was the third candidate to speak after a press-conference break. He criticized the Party for not scheduling enough debates and claimed that was partly why the GOP candidates were more in the spotlight, stating that the Democratic Party was losing steam.

The fourth and final candidate to speak was Bernie Sanders, who called for a political revolution. He said Democrats will not retain the White House if they keep going about “business as usual.”


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