Local educator takes her own ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign to New York


Rosa Bogar
Rosa Bogar

To many, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” means active, physical, yet peaceful protest to the U.S. system’s mistreatment of African Americans by the police. Since February 2015, Rosa Bogar, a local educator, has used the phrase “Black Lives Matter” for a campaign that focuses on the vital importance of one’s cultural history.

Bogar taught young children in the Minneapolis Public School system for many years, and embedded in her teaching philosophy was the idea that “It is very important to record, preserve, and document our history,” said Bogar.

“This must be done in depth, so our children will have [the] opportunity to look forward to big achievements.”

She is entering phase three of her “Black Lives Matter” campaign, which includes going to New York City on September 19 for a three-day affair that includes honoring her book, South Carolina’s Great Black Migration to New York City. This migration took place in the middle of the 20th century, as African Americans sought opportunities for education and employment across the country.

Bogar will attend the annual African American Day Parade and present U.S. Congressman Charles Rangel of New York with an award of appreciation. This will take place at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem on Monday, September 21.

The festivities will also recognize some of the other well-known participants who’ve made the “great migration” from South Carolina to New York, including: Sylvia Woods, the “Queen of Soul Food,” and her husband Herbert; Nicholas Ashford of Ashford and Simpson; tennis great Althea Gibson; actor Eartha Kit; and playwright Alice Childress.


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  1. Thanks, to the MSR for putting this article in your newspaper. You have supported much of my works over the years and especially this article on my trip to NYC for phase three of “Black Lives Matter” This work of 20 years has not been easy But necessary!. Keep me in your prayers! Rosa Bogar

  2. It was an honor to present a plaque on Sept.21st at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem NY to the spirit of Sylvia Woods “Queen of Soul Food” and countless other Black South Carolina natives who left South Carolina for a better life to NYC during the segregated south A plaque was accepted by Sylvia’s daughter with great appreciation! I shared of the importance to recognized the contributions made by blacks of S.C. to the great city of new York. My booklet “South Carolina’s Blacks, A Great Migration To New York City. can be found in some repositories including the Schomburg Center Harlem [Public Library]

  3. I am excited to share that on October 20th the mayor of Orangeburg, South Carolina will proclaim “Rosa Bogar Day” in the City! Many persons from Mpls and beyond are integral to my receiving this great honor from my hometown. Thanks, for the many prayers during the foods in South Carolina. Things are getting much better. I will be leaving soon for this great honor. Keep me in your prayers. Thanks, Rosa Bogar

  4. I’m excited to share that “Rosa Bogar Day” on October 2oth in Orangeburg, South Carolina was a most grateful honor.Many of my family members were there to witnessed this history.along with friends,including the renowned musician of the Count Basie Orchestra. John Williams is a native of Orangeburg and one of the original members of the band..He was recognized by Mayor Michael C. Butler. Mayor Butler is Orangeburg’s first African-American Mayor. This was truly an honor to have him bestowed this honor upon me for more than 20 years of work and sharing Orangeburg with the World! I want to praise the MSR for covering so much of my works over the years. I am willing to share more of what i called a golden moment. “Mpls.is really represented in the proclamation. Thanks for this space to share! Rosa Bogar

  5. Dear Ms. Bogar, I am sure that you are bombarded with questions..please pardon mine I am looking of the time of the Prince presentation tomorrow…he was my ‘treasured’ student at Central High. I was Bea Speed at the time. I am not looking for recognition…just want to be there with my ’tissue box’ for tears.

    Please email or call. THANK YOU for what you are doing for our beloved music genius.

    Bea Speed Hasselmann

    1. I’m sorry I am just now seeing your message. I was just at the school yesterday and took a photo of the plaque I presented on June 7th to the “Spirit of Prince” You can see it also, It’s in the main hall among other Green’s notables. “It was a great honor to honor Our Prince in this way!!. Thanks, for caring and sharing!! Rosa Bogar

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