The OBIN Deal


IssuesI created the OBIN in gratitude of the Obama, Biden Iraq Nuclear deal that should leave Americans with humorless concerns. Obama’s team should be given respect and praise for being able to sit at the table with leaders of various countries to work out any kind of a deal with Iran, considering the powerlessness to do so from other presidents.

However, with any agreements comes peril, because if such agreements are to be reached, all involved must give up something. The questions to be asked are “Did we give too much,” and “Is the deal good for our children that will grow up in fear of Iran’s possibility of having a nuclear weapon within the next 10 years?”

Obama has to deal with a serious national security issue managing the prevention of Iran getting a nuclear weapon. We cannot, as Black Americans, avoid asking hard-hitting questions about the deal because we want the first Black president to have a legacy worth talking about in the barbershop and around the coffee table.

We have to spotlight parts of the agreement that, in my opinion, add risk and may assist Iran in the development of a nuclear weapon, maybe not tomorrow, but next year, or the year after. The plan may be diminutive in dealing with this national security threat.

The United States and other world powers have permanently tossed those old mo-money financial clinched fists. Iran must temporarily stall their nuclear program. Here, Americans, are two alarming terms: permanently and temporary. Think of any contract you enter into, such as buying a home, starting a business, or whatever. Would you give up something temporarily to have the other side have something permanently?

Understand the deal, people, temporary is a short time. Iran restrictions on nuclear weapon development kicks the bucket and dies after 10 years or so. During that time, what really prevents Iran from continuing to hook up at the dinner table or lunch and keep the development ideas on the table for the main meal?

After 10 years or so, the main meal discourse allows Iran to pump up the volume to an industrial scale. With this, Iran does not have to give up their bomb-making technology, leaving another player, Tehran, being a jog around Lake Como from its weapon, provided Iran does not use a scooter around Lake Como instead of jogging with Iran. Oh my, temporary is such a short time.

Iran’s temporary consent to give up their bomb-making technology is like you entering a deal with your neighbor to stop making plans to blow down your old shed, but allowing him to keep the dynamite fuses and other technology five feet away from your shed, covered with a see-through plastic bag with the neighbor yelling, “Hey, Joe, remember this agreement is only temporary.”

There is much more that could be written on the OBIN deal that this column does not permit in terms of space. I’ll be happy to talk with you regarding the plan further.


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