WNBA Finals | Maya Moore beats buzzer, propels Lynx to 2-1


Maya Moore
Maya Moore

Maya Moore perhaps has swished two of the biggest shots in her illustrious career. The second one, a game winning three at the buzzer of Game 3 Friday that lifted the Lynx to a 80-77 victory over the Indiana Fever.

If her name was Michael Moore, the play would be ran and reran non-stop on every sports network, and talked about at the top of each hour sports update on radio.

But her name is Maya and as a result, only us WNBA and MN Lynx fans truly appreciate a game where she willed herself to victory. Moore’s 12 points in 10 minutes in the final quarter is one for the ages, but only in the women’s hoops annals.

“What has always bothered me is anytime women’s basketball gets attention, it’s been because of something negative,” notes ESPN Analyst Carolyn Peck earlier this week. “What’s more concerning to me is that there are great things going on in the WNBA that’s not covered…to the level I feel it should be.”

Friday, sadly, is another example of this. Game 4 of the Minnesota-Indiana WNBA Finals is Sunday in Indianapolis. The Lynx are now 2-1 in the finals.

The MSR will provide updates, pre-game and post-game analysis, notes and comments throughout the Finals.

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