PHOTOS | ‘Things Your Man Won’t Do’


On Thursday, October 8 at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis, Jecaryous Johnson’s Things Your Man Won’t Do was showcased.  The stellar cast of this production included Allen Payne (Jason’s Lyric, House of Payne), Leon (The Temptations, The Five Heartbeats), Essence Atkins (Smart Guy, Are We There Yet?), Terri J. Vaughn (The Steve Harvey Show, Daddy’s Little Girls) and Tony Grant (Why Did I Get Married & Madea Get’s A Job stage plays).

The age-old scenario that another man will do what one man won’t is explored in this production.  The leading lady, Rachel (Essence Atkins), has been in a relationship with Demetrius (Allen Payne) for a year.  They have remained celibate at Rachel’s request, after suffering a devastating heartbreak years before.

However, Demetrius is dealing with some demons of his own, having discovered his half-brother in bed with his fiance. Rachel is seeking a commitment in the form of a marriage proposal and won’t settle for less, but will Demetrius step up to the plate or will another man do what he won’t?

Katrina (Terri Vaughn), Rachel’s eccentric best friend is pregnant with Damien’s (Tony Grant) baby; Demetrius’s not so straight-laced cousin who is facing a 20-year prison sentence.  Having only known each other for a few weeks before conception, will their fling survive the tests of time?

In this already twisted tale, Blake (Leon) enters the picture, a psychologist that offers his services to aid Rachel and Demetrius’s complicated relationship.  But is his goal to help this couple or to help himself?

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Thanks to Latrice Scott and Toby Scott of Between Classes Magazine for sharing this article and photos with us.