Search for Henry McCabe ends

Henry McCabe
Henry McCabe

The MSR has published two previous stories on a community-wide search for a Mounds View man, Henry Tobee McCabe, reported missing by his family on September 7 (“Mounds View man goes missing,” September 24, and “Search for missing man shifts to New Brighton,” October 15). The recent discovery of a body has brought the search to a close, as it has been determined to be that of the missing man.

David Singleton, chief executive officer for Minnesota Community Policing Services (MNCPS), said they’ve been involved in the search and rescue operation for Henry McCabe from the very beginning and have conducted numerous searches based on existing evidence. This includes a search conducted three weeks ago of an area near Silver Lake Road and Rice Creek, based on evidence that McCabe’s cell phone’s last signal originated from a tower close to that area.

David Singleton
David Singleton

“We took our search to Cretin View Park, and we searched the surrounding area there and didn’t come up with anything,” said Singleton. However, on the evening of November 2 a body partially submerged in water was reported by a kayaker just four minutes from the search area. Singleton and investigators were on the scene at approximately 4:20 pm on Monday until around 8:30 pm, when the body was transported to the medical examiner’s office.

“We had a conference call with the McCabe and Borbor family [Timothy Borbor is McCabe’s brother] at about 11 o’clock last night,” said Singleton, “and we briefed them on the things that transpired, and we wanted to prepare them just in case there was a positive ID on the missing person and it ended up being Henry McCabe. So, we just wanted to prepare them and give them what we knew.”

Earlier on Monday, before the report of the body, Singleton said that his organization had cut ties with Kareen McCabe, wife of the missing 32-year-old Mounds View man. The relationship has reportedly been shaky for the past few weeks, and Singleton alleged there are inconsistencies regarding the disappearance of McCabe.

Since McCabe went missing, the Mounds View police have continued their independent searches and investigations for his whereabouts. “Unfortunately,” said Chief Tom Kinney of the Mound View Police Department prior to Monday’s development, “we have not found any discovery of any kind.”

MNCPS has continued to work on the case without any funding for almost 50 days. They had been working with Borbor and other relatives to raise funds for a $10,000 reward for the missing man and a trust for McCabe’s two daughters.

On Tuesday, November 3 the body’s identification was confirmed as that of Henry McCabe, but at press time there was no information on the cause of death. We will provide a further update as more information becomes available.


Issa A. Mansaray, who wrote the two previous stories on Mr. McCabe, contributed to this update.