Men of magic: President Obama and Donald Trump

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President Obama and Donald Trump are men of great political magic, having only to tap their heels together and two issues would be wiped clean, never being an issue for any presidential hopeful to ever deal with in the future.

Let’s begin with the Trump slippers. Trump will tap his heels together building a brick wall, forever ending our Mexican immigration problem. What about the immigrants arriving to our country using visas and never returning to their country, Mr. Trump?

President Obama can tap his heels together, influence Congress to pass a few laws. Better yet, use his executive power to introduce and implement gun control, and Americans will never have to worry about school, mass theater, or gang shootings ever again. One law, one executive order will end it all folks.

Let this columnist get in on this magic. I will create a candy bar better than a Snickers or Milky Way. Name your own candy bar, because whatever bar you name will have nothing on my magic bar: the Lucky “no more ’isms” bar. I will force Obama and Trump to work together, pushing their magic to have every racist, sexist, person with any prejudicial and hateful ’isms to eat the Lucky no more ’isms bar. Having eaten just one bar, the world will be free of racism, sexism, prejudice, hate and job discrimination. Name the inequality that you want to see vanished and my magical candy bar will erase it forever.

Where are the Blacks, Mexicans and other minorities? Double standards are harmful for minorities, but work well for rich White Democrats. The Democrats’ solution to Black problems is further perpetuated by the visual image of the recent presidential debate. The most brainwashed Black liberal has to admit to the fact that the recent Republican debate had the appearance of being a Democratic debate.

The Republicans offer on the debate stage four minority candidates: Black retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are of Cuban descent, and Gov. Bobby Jindal has Indian-American in his Republican blood. Of course, those of you remaining loyal will not speak out against the fact that in comparison to the Republicans, there were no minorities during the Democratic debate, unless you call a rich White woman a minority. Some Black folks feel the need to vote for rich White Democrats to solve Black problems.

The GOP’s field of presidential candidates includes two Hispanics, a woman, and a neurosurgeon, who at the time of this column, was running first, or second depending on where the polls are being taken. I challenge you to put politics aside by asking how the minority Democratic presidential candidates are proving that Black lives matter.

I have said it for years, for Blacks to have all our eggs in one major political party basket is political suicide. With Obama in office, one would expect to have seen a Democratic debate at least as diverse as the Republican. True or false: Republicans are creating 2016 history compared to the all-White line on the Democratic presidential debate.


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