PHOTOS | Violence at protest stuns, rallies community


(All photos by Chris Juhn)

The Minneapolis Northside community — and all of the Twin Cities — is reeling in the aftermath of an outbreak of violence last night at the site of the ongoing Plymouth Avenue protest over the November 15 police shooting of Jamar Clark. Details of the shooting and subsequent developments continue to flow into our newsroom.

MSR photographer Chris Juhn was on the scene and recorded much of the response immediately after the shooting. Here is what we know of the incident thus far:

A total of five Black men, ages 19-43, were shot at the protest scene, according to the police. None of the injuries were reported to be life-threatening. Three men are currently being held in connection with the shooting.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis (BLM) held a press conference Tuesday afternoon at the Fourth Precinct in response to Monday night’s shooting. During the press conference, BLM members reaffirmed their pledge to occupy the Fourth Precinct police station, with Pastor Danny Givens, a member of BLM, telling the MSR that while he respects that some of Clark’s family members have expressed a desire for the Fourth Precinct occupation to end, the protests and encampment “will continue until justice is served.”

After the press conference, thousands of people marched from the Fourth Precinct to City Hall in downtown Minneapolis. Below, a few scenes from today’s march, as posted on social media:

A #Justice4Jamar memorial concert by the NAACP Minneapolis branch featuring the Sounds of Blackness, Ashley DuBose and others, is scheduled to follow the march, with more events planned throughout the week. The information below is from a November 23 NAACP Minneapolis press release:

  • Wednesday, November 25, at 5 pm, the NAACP Minneapolis is asking for “urging clergy, people of faith, grief counselors, and the broader community to gather informally for prayer, food, and fellowshipping to be there to provide comfort, counseling, and support for young people who will attend Jamar Clark’s funeral earlier in the day and who will be grieving and upset over his death.”
  • Thursday, November 26, at 3 pm, the organization will join with Zion Baptist Church and Rev. Brian Herron to host a community Thanksgiving meal, open to all.
  • Sunday, November 29, an outdoor inter-faith church service and march will take place at 11 am, open to all.

All events will be held at the Fourth Precinct at 1925 Plymouth Avenue North in Minneapolis. Call 612-210-3734 for more details.


The MSR will continue to provide information as the story develops. Charles Hallman contributed to this report. Look for full reports  from James L. Stroud, Jr., and Charles Hallman tomorrow.

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  1. Considering the available video footage & eyewitness testimony about what went down indicates that the shooters were peacefully recording the protest until they were attacked & chased by the mob, it sounds like this whole affair should end with some of the protesters (including the ones who were shot) behind bars.

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